Geno Bisconte Picks NFL Week 15: It’s a Miracle on 35th Street

This week’s installment of “Geno’s Picks” starts with Geno Bisconte saying that he doesn’t even need his booze! Is Daddy going dry for the holidays!? Yeah, right, and the Browns might still make the playoffs. Don’t worry kids. Santa Geno still has his Jameson’s sitting on his lap. Even with a 2 & 2 record last weekend, Geno is still working at a 54% success rate this season. There’s nothing like being home for the holidays, as opposed to being on the lam from your bookie, so let’s all thank Geno Bisconte (AKA Saint Drink-olas) for a winning season so far.

And now, on to the picks!

There are some giant spreads to work with this NFL weekend, including the New England Patriots giving up 12 to the visiting Buffalo Bills. In this pick, Geno talks about the advantages of playing in cold, cold weather and how Pats running back James “He Isn’t” White will perform, plus most importantly, Daddy explains the definition of a “New England Drizzle”.

In his pick for the 49ers – Jaguars game, it may be San Francisco quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo that Daddy is fawning over, but it’s former San Fran QB Colin Kaepernick who’s getting told to “S” Geno’s “D”. This pick includes NSFW language, but if you’re still in and watching Geno’s Picks during Christmas weekend, then “F” your boss. What’s got Geno all fired up for this pick? It’s not Kaepernick’s politics, as much as it’s the “stupid whore” who rolled her eyes at him in a bar. Well it’s good to know that happens to Geno in places other than comedy clubs.

Next up, Geno picks the Denver Broncos – Washington Redskins game. And no, you’re not watching a “Geno’s Picks” rerun from last week. That’s a whole new T-Mobile joke this weekend. Geno talks about Brock Osweiler being “The Brocket Launcher” and mixes in some geopolitical opinions as well. Finally, Geno’s got his “Double Your Money – Monday Christmas Night Pick”. The Raiders visit Philadelphia to take on the Eagles. Daddy has his pick ATS, but the action he’s hoping to see on Christmas night involves Santa Claus, some icy snowballs and Eagles fans living up to their reputation.

Happy holidays from Geno’s Picks and be sure to listen to Geno Bisconte and Aaron Berg on “In Hot Water” airing live every Tuesday at 2pm on Compound Media.

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