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We talk about the best comedy being performed today whether it’s performed on street corners, in theaters, arenas, in print, on television, film, or anywhere anyone can be funny, and we talk about everything that is funny, whether its meant to be or not.  Read our IB wire to see whats so funny about the news today, IBang Viral for some videos that were intentional funny and others that just turned out that way.  Find the latest comedy news, the best clips from the Late Night Shows, and original series like “The Comedian Who Changed My Life” and “The Podcast You Absolutely Have to Listen To” plus original interviews, and behind the scenes look at what’s happening in comedy.  Visit The Interrobang Recommends for everything beyond comedy that you need to know about, like great movies, whats on television that you should be watching, the great books to read, and most importantly, where to eat. The Interrobang Recommendations is the best source on the internet for living life just a little bit better.

Interested in contributing? We welcome all contributions including links to great stories around the internet and  original content.  Hit us up on our contact page if you want to join the team.

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About Our Authors, Contributors, and our Team

Amma Marfo.  Amma Marfo is a writer, speaker, and podcaster based in Boston, MA. Her writing has appeared in Femsplain, The Good Men Project, Pacific Standard, and Talking Points Memo. Chances are good that as you’re reading this, she’s somewhere laughing.

Marty Younge. Marty Younge is a Toronto based arts and culture writer covering all things in the world of comedy from Canada and beyond. She has covered Just for Laughs, SXSW and JFL42 and can be found on Instagram at @youngemodernlaughs.

Amy Hawthorne.   Amy Hawthorne is a New York by way of LA comedy journalist and founder of She’s also a produced numerous stand-up shows, got a paycheck and a drinking problem from The Comedy Store and is convinced that the Big Avocado lobby are the ones who really pull the strings in this country.  Find Amy on Twitter @ComedyGroupie

Andrea Prendamano.  Andrea Prendamano is an actor but rarely gets paid for it. She’s a fan of comedy and is happy if she can just make her mother laugh. Her self-produced sketches can be found at She is a co-founder of The Company Theatre Group in Hackensack, NJ.

Barry Crimmins.  Comedian, activist, all around genius.

Bill Tressler. Bill is a writer and comedy enthusiast from New York. An avid gamer and podcast fan, he strives to always toe the line between charming irreverence and grating honesty.

Christina Stiehl.  Christina is a writer, editor and comedy nerd living in New York City. You can catch her performing improv around town with her indie team Darling Satan.

Dan Murphy.  Dan Murphy has written four books on the history of his hometown, Buffalo, NY, and writes for a variety of sports and entertainment publications. Check out his YouTube interview series at

Dan Perlman.  Dan Perlman is a stand-up comedian and writer from New York City. Dan performs regularly at Stand Up NY, New York Comedy Club, Comic Strip Live, and alternative rooms across the city. He has performed in comedy festivals in Brooklyn, Memphis, and Dallas. In 2013, Dan was named Comedy Contributor for ’s popular StarTalk Radio show. He co-founded, writes, and stars in the web series, Moderately Funny. Dan also works as a Sketch Company Writer for the Off-Broadway theater group, On The Rocks. Currently, Dan hosts and produces a monthly storytelling show, Hindsight, at Stand Up NY Labs. Dan also appears regularly on SiriusXM’s  Show. Visit to watch Dan’s stand up, and find out more about where you can see him.

Emily Cohen.  Em Cohen is a fixture in the New York City comedy scene. Manager, producer.

Earl Douglas. Earl Douglas is a writer and photographer from New York City, a frequent contributor to The Interrobang, and excecutive director of the Black Rock Coalition. He has worked in radio and for XM Satellite radio, and has worked with the Opie & Anthony Show at WNEW and XM.  Visit Earl on Twitter @EarlDouglas528.

Halli Goldman.  New York based writer of all things comedy.

Jarred Rutherford. Jarred is a musician, writer, funny-man, and amateur guitar builder in Virginia. He does a little bit of everything else too.

Jason Steele.  Burdened by a name that garners many “unique” nicknames and compliments, Jason Steele likes to spend his time outside of work hiking with his pitbull/boxer mix, Hennessy. He also likes to attempt open mic standup comedy around Rochester NY, writing articles and short stories, and playing guitar. During his overnight work hours he spends his time stocking shelves and listening to a wide variety of comedy podcasts.

Jeffrey Gurian.  Jeffrey Gurian is a comedy connoisseur, comedy journalist, comedian, and an all around bon vivant. You can find him on red carpets, at comedy events across the country and hosting Comedy Matters. He also believes in happiness and love.

Justin Heritage. Canadian. Native. Comedian. Radio producer.

Kashmere.  Kashmere (also known as Danny Murphy) is a comedian, writer, and pop culture connoisseur (despite not really knowing how to spell connoisseur). He currently writes for Betches and Marie Claire and has also been featured in Glamour, Seventeen and Town & Country. When he’s not drinking red wine or iced coffee while watching Bravo, he’s performing around New York and hosting PASS THE AUX at The Stonewall Inn and DO I SEND IT? at Branded Saloon. Follow his fake reality show AKA his Instagram stories, @kashmeredanny.

Kate Voss.  Kate Voss is a blogger in Chicago whose chief interests include film, music, and boating. Follow her on Twitter @kateevoss

Kelsea Bauman. Kelsea Bauman is an LA-born, NY-based writer and editor. When not writing for The Interrobang, Kelsea writes web series, short stories, and screenplays. You can also find her making music videos and short films, and sometimes doing comedy–but shh, don’t tell anyone about that last part. She thinks she needs more practice first.

Kristen Becker.  Kristen Becker is a dyke comic tour de force.  The creator, fearless leader, and host of Dykes of Hazard, Becker’s brazen attitude and keen eye for irony leaves audiences— both gay and straight— cheering for more. Becker has opened for national comedy acts like Doug Stanhope, Josh Blue (winner of Last Comic Standing), and singer/songwriter Ani DiFranco, and has become one of queer comedy’s most popular comedians. She has been featured in Pride events across the US and Canada.

Laura Rizzo. Politely opinionated film geek, comedy nerd, drama dweeb and book dork

Lauren David. Lauren David, founder of WeiLaugh Comedy Club.

Leslie Coffin.  Lesley Coffin is the New York based critic, features writer, and podcast editor for the movie site Filmoria. She has also written the books Lew Ayres: Hollywood Conscientious Objector (2012) and Hitchcock’s Stars (2014), and currently writing a third book.  Follow on twitter @filmbiographer for thoughts on movies and cat pictures.

Liberty Hardy.  Liberty Hardy is a bookseller and Civil War nerd living in Kittery, Maine. She is also a contributing editor for Book Riot and runs Paperback to the Future.  She was recently named one of the 35 most influential literary writers on the internet.

Luisa Diez Anthropologist | arts manager/consultant | comedy booker | representing no person or institution but myself.

Mick Taylor.  Writer in search of a bio.

Mike Bocchetti.  Comedian Mike Bocchetti started performing comedy in 1992. In 2012 he became the announcer for the Nick and Artie Show on DirectTV, and stayed on as the announcer for The Artie Lange Show until April 2014. He’s also made appearances on the Howard Stern Show, the Jim Breuer Show and The Opie and Anthony Show on SiriusXM. He appeared on 2 seasons of NBC’sLast Comic Standing and acted with Robert DeNiro in the feature film “The Family”. Follow Mike on twitter @MikeBocchetti and visit his website

Otto Petersen.  Comedian Otto Petersen was, and always will be one half of the comedy duo of Otto and George, as well as an avid film fan.  Otto passed away in April of this year.  You can learn more about Otto on twitter @OttoandGeorge and  from his website

Phil Provencio. Phil Provencio is a fast rising New York based photographer and graphic designer highlighting the comedy scene in the city and abroad. His galleries can be seen at the Comedy Cellar’s Village Underground in Greenwich Village and Carolines On Broadway in Times Square. When not out shooting headshots or shows, you can find him exploring the city for photos he contributes regularly to Urban Outfitters and their print shops.

Rachel CroweThe most notable lies Rachel Crowe has ever told were that she has 10 children (no twins), she’s running a marathon retracing the path her ancestors took to evade the IRS and that she found childcare for 10 on a Saturday night. She’s also a stand-up comedian and dog walker living in Los Angeles. Follow Rachel on Twitter @Racheddar or on Instagram @thelma_and_disease. Or don’t, but at least appreciate those fresh hot puns.

Renee Colvert.  Renee is a writer and comedian in Los Angeles. She co-hosts the Can I Pet Your Dog? podcast and she’s pretty sure she can run faster scared than you can mad.

RJ Waldron.  RJ makes her writing and interviewing debut with The Interrobang.  Look for a lot more to come from RJ.

Rye Silverman. Guest author Rye Silverman is an LA based comedian who has been documenting her journey living as a woman since long before Caitlyn Jenner graced the airbrushed pages of Vanity Fair. She has spoken and written frequently about the highs, lows, and everyday occurrences of the process. From being featured on ModCloth, to being attacked in the LA Metro, and all the pronoun confusion, support and insults in between. But she’s more than just “that transgender comedian.” Like all good comedians, her act goes well beyond gender and stereotypes and she’s also a giant Doctor Who nerd. In honor of the new season, Rye has shared her favorite moments from series 8. You can also catch Rye talking all things Whovian on the podcast “Laughing at Archaeologists.”

Sara Dahms Our favorite comedy junkie!  Sara started this adventure as a comedy superfan/comedy nerd but things have gone way beyond that- you’ll see here everywhere comedy is performed, always hanging out with the comics, chatting on the red carpet with the biggest stars, and having drinks with some of the industries biggest players. Raised on National Lampoon, John Hughes, Gene Wilder, and Fairy Tale Theatre, her life changed after her older sister showed her Eddie Murphy’s Raw in 1988. Soon after, she found Andrew Dice Clay and became a stand-up junkie for life. Just a few years ago, she took her first comedycation to see Jeff Ross play in Miami on her birthday. Since then, she’s been traveling all over the country checking out the best comedy everywhere, a confirmed comedy addict, and now she’s agreed to share her travels with us.

Sarah Jacobs.  Originally from Seattle, Sarah Jacobs is a Los Angeles-based writer and stand up open-micer trying to figure out how to keep the bombings to a minimum. She is usually found at coffee shops writing and listening to Doom Metal.

Sharon Dougherty.  Sharon grew up in, and continues to live in suburban Philadelphia and has been a music and comedy fan forever, cutting her teeth musically on Bowie. Monty Python and other British comedies were her earliest passion – the Goodies, Young Ones, Fawty Towers, on and on. She was a regular at the Comedy Factory Outlet in Philadelphia and once did 20 minutes onstage with Harry Anderson. Right now she’s loving @midnight for a daily TV fix of comedy (and nerds).  

Steph Tolev. Steph Tolev is an award winning sketch and stand up comedian who just moved to LA from Toronto. She was selected from a national showcase by NBC to shoot a pilot for a sketch show and has appeared at Just For Laughs multiple times. Her debut album, Hot N’ Hungry comes out today, January 22. The  LP  features  the  award winning  comedian  performing  her brutally honest,  all-in  comedy  to  a  sold out  Social  Capital  Theatre on  the  Danforth.

Tanael Joachim Tanael Joachim (FOX, AXS TV), a Haitian-born, NYC based comedian.

Thomas Cleveland Lane.  Thomas Cleveland Lane is a semi-retired freelance writer for pay and a stage actor for nothing more than the opportunity to make a fool of himself. Well, he does get a small stipend from the Washington Area Decency League, after playing the role of Hinezie in The Pajama Game, to never, ever appear on stage in his underpants again. When he has not managed to buffalo some director into casting him, Thomas can often be found at his favorite piano bar, annoying the patrons with his caterwauling. Thomas is the author of an anthology called Shaggy Dogs, a Collection of Not-So-Short Stories (destined to become a cult classic, shortly after he croaks). He is also the alter-ego to a very unbalanced Czech poet named Glub Dzmc. Mr. Lane generally resides in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and was last seen in the mirror, three days ago.

Virginia Jones.  Virginia Jones is an intellectual, philosophical, comedian whose comedy swings from smart to absurd, and “has a lot of animals in it”.