September 10, 2014

Jen Kirkman Gets Drunk, Writes Books, Talks Lipshtick

Comedian Jen Kirkman does it all. To her name she has: four sloppy narrations of Comedy Central's Drunk History, a five-year stint as a panelist and writer for Chelsea Lately, and a recent book called "I Can Barely Take Care of Myself: Tales from a Happy Life without Kids" — which is a New York Times Bestseller. Now touring the country, Kirkman sat with us during her stop in New York. She talked shop about her podcast, what it's like no longer having a day job, and why she's excited about her appearance in this weekend's “Lipshtick”: an all-female comedy series in Las Vegas.
August 29, 2014

Neal Brennan Talks About The Approval Matrix, Comedy Kale and Why Journalists are Hypocrites

Neal Brennan—a standup veteran, writer, director of Inside Amy Schumer, and co-creator of Chapelle's Show—has now taken on yet another venture: he's the host of Sundance's new show The Approval Matrix. Currently in its third week, the show is based on the much-loved back page of New York Magazine, which grades pop culture topics on a scale of “brilliant to despicable,” and “low-brow to high-brow.” With only three episodes under his belt, Brennan has already managed to offend masses, calling Louie C.K. “the kale of comedy” and stating that he believes “affirmative action has no place in art.” Neal sat down with us to discuss his new job, his comments about kale, and why he thinks journalists are hypocrites (uh-oh).
August 13, 2014

Why Inside Amy Schumer Should Win Every Emmy

Just a few weeks ago, Inside Amy Schumer was nominated for an Emmy in “Outstanding Writing For A Variety Series”. And as one browses the nominations, it's hard to figure out: Why was IAS only nominated for one Emmy? With numerous comedic nods being doled out (over ten categories total), shouldn't Amy's name have popped up in at least a couple of divisions?
June 26, 2014

“The Set” with James Adomian

Comedian James Adomian does stand up, sketch comedy, has a long list of cartoon voiceovers, and is a frequent guest on tv shows and podcasts like Comedy Bang Bang, the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Conan, and Children's Hospital. James does hilarious spot on impressions of unusual people which you can see in his popular Funny or Die videos. His first comedy album, "Low Hanging Fruit" came out 2012, and when he's not doing tv appearances, cartoon voices, and podcasts, he's busy as a fan favorite at festivals around the country. Our own Kelsey Bauman talked with Adomian tabout where his impressions come from, his feelings about Tom Leykis, and why winning over the audience matters to him.
June 3, 2014

Tickets Now Available for Robert Kelly’s NY Taping

Tickets are now available for the June 17th taping of Robert Kelly's upcoming one-hour special, taking place at the Village Underground.