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Our newest addition to is our first listings section. Every week we’ll be listing some of the best comedy shows in and around New York City.  If you’d like to submit, our submission deadline is Monday at noon for the following week’s listings.  New listings post on Wednesdays so you’ll need to get your submissions to us at 10 days ahead of time to be considered for inclusion.  You can also contact us at  For now we’ll only be accepting New York submissions but if you’d like to volunteer to run a submissions section for another city, let us know!  You can read this week and next week’s comedy show listings here on

New York Comedy Listing

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  1. PolishAmerican

    July 24, 2016 at 10:31 am

    I watched last night (7/23/16) I SNL for a short time and was shocked to hear this young twisted mind asshole (Jon Rudnitski?) in his ugly, stupid, offending piece about Polish Americans!  You, bastards at SNL, don’t have a better thing to do but trying to offend most loyal citizens of this country and most loyal ally in Europe and the world of America in these trying times for all of us?  Piece of trash!!! Bastards!!!