July 30, 2014

Comedians Who Wanted to Rock, and Got Their Big Chance

Dave Chappelle once said every comedian wants to be a musician and all musicians think they're funny. Here are 10 comedians who wanted to be singers, and gave it their best shot.
July 5, 2014

Mark Normand Comedy Album “Still Got It” Coming Out July 15

Mark Normand's new comedy album "Still Got It" will be released Tuesday, July 15th from Comedy Central Records.
June 25, 2014

Michael Showalters American Viral! Watch Episode 1

Premiering tomorrow night from Thundershorts is American Viral, a new web series from Michael Showalter. The series follows about a father, Roger Busk, whose family experienced 15 minutes of fame after their video of their son getting hit in the crotch went viral. Ever since “My Balls, My Balls” went viral, Roger thrives on view counts, and like a junkie, he’s always obsessed with finding the next viral hit to skyrocket the Busk family into greater popularity.
June 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Movie Premier to Feature Reggie Watts Performance

Early this July, Rooftop Films will be giving the world a first look at Adam Newport-Berra's solo directorial debut, Thanksgiving. World-famous comedian, musician, extraterrestrial Reggie Watts, who has a role in the film, will also be performing live at the event.
May 20, 2014

Nine One Hit Wonders (And Their Not-So-Wondrous Follow-Ups)

There's nothing harder to achieve in the music industry than consistency. A massive number of artists manage to get their big break, only to be relegated to the realm of the one-hit wonder after failing to follow up their hit single with another home run.