Fez Whatley Recasts Live Action Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer with Comedians

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“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” is an endearing television classic that has become a Christmas tradition during the holidays. Since its debut in 1964, children have been glued to their screens to watch the story of how an ostracized misfit named “Rudolph” learned that being different can be a very good thing and went on to save Christmas for Santa Claus.

The mid-60’s stop-motion animated special was the first of the unique holiday specials to come from Rankin – Bass Productions. “Rudolph” was soon followed by “The Little Drummer Boy”, “Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town” and ” The Year Without a Santa Claus” in the unique library of Rankin – Bass stop-motion specials.

But as we’ve learned, the 21st century is a time for re-boots and re-imaginings. Nothing lasts forever in the entertainment world because audiences get bored and after all, we don’t have to do it better, just different. That’s why the IBang has decided to re-boot “Rudolph” with an all comedian cast. Who from the comedy world should play these iconic animated roles from the most beloved holiday special of all time!?

We’ll tell you as we present “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” as Played by Comedians!

As our narrator, Sam the Snowman, originally played by singer / actor Burl Ives, we need someone happy, round and multi-talented. Of course, we need Stavvy Baby himself, Stavros Halkias.

Next we meet Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus and their North Pole crew of elves. Everyone’s worried about “Skinny Santa” brought to life by former late night host and current beard aficionado David Letterman.

No need to worry kids. Mrs. Santa will fatten him up, especially when played by Bonnie McFarlane. She certainly knows how to handle a husband who won’t listen to…..oh wait.

In Santa’s workshop, we encounter a character who’s the boss of the elves and a total dick. It’s the Elf Foreman played by Louis C.K. Hopefully none of the girl elves working under him will have any complaints.

Hermie the Elf wants to be a dentist and marry Ariana Grande when he’s played by SNL’s Pete Davidson.

Rudolph starts to make some friends and some enemies, including his girlfriend Clarice. With those gorgeous lashes and big brown doe eyes, how could we choose anyone other than the fantastic Matteo Lane?

Rudolph’s original buddy “Fireball the Reindeer” goes into a panic attack when he first sees Rudolph’s nose. As Fireball, grab for your Klonopin, Jay Mohr.

Our hero Rudolph runs into a wacky prospector named “Yukon Cornelius”. He’s the got the beard, he’s got the hat, he’s got the part! It’s Dan St. Germain.

They’re all on the run from the Abominable Snow Monster of the North played by someone just as cold and angry, Lewis Black!

Rudolph, Hermie and Yukon Cornelius head to the Island of Misfit Toys, where they meet the homeless toy, “Charlie in the Box” played by the iconic Howie Mandel.

Another toy that needs a good home is the “Elephant with Polka Dots” played by shirtless Bert Kreischer who conveniently comes with his own dots.

King Moonracer is the King of the Island of Misfit Toys. To play the King of the Misfits, we’ve got the Master of the Dirty Joke, Big Jay Oakerson.

And that brings us to the headliner of our re-imagined holiday special! Starring as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer….It’s Artie Lange!

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Fez Whatley
Fez Whatley
Fez Whatley was half of the Ron and Fez Show for 17 years . After playing a gay character while insisting he was straight for over 20 years, Fez Whatley came out to a national audience on the Ron & Fez Show on February 24, 2012. The classic radio story of a gay man playing a straight man playing a gay man. He announced his retirement on April 1, 2015 and since then has been living a private life but occasionally pops his head out of his Florida rabbit hole.