Geno Bisconte Picks NFL Week 13: Someone’s Got a Birthday Coming Up!

This edition of Geno’s Picks opens with Geno Bisconte lamenting his upcoming 49th birthday. 49!? Yeah, we were shocked to hear he was only 49 too. Because if you gave us an Over / Under on Geno’s age being 49, that Over would have looked like easy cash. He must be 49 in gambler’s years. After all, his liver looks like it should be getting birthday wishes from Smucker’s Jelly. That means it’s 100 years old for all you people who don’t watch the Today Show, which we guess now includes Matt Lauer.

Geno went 1 – 3 with last weekend’s picks, although he was a perfect 3 & 0 on Thanksgiving. Usually a perfect Thanksgiving for Geno Bisconte involves pouring his favorite meal in a shot glass and then taking home the leftovers in a doggie bottle.

Happy Holidays and on to the picks!

In his first pick, Daddy is looking at the Ravens – Lions game and he gives us an interesting fact about the Ravens record. He reveals that much like Ike Turner, Baltimore excels in beating backups. Watch the video below. Daddy will explain it all to you. And in the Patriots – Bills game, Daddy’s got a stat you’ll only find on Geno’s Picks! Find out how “13” could be your lucky number if you follow Geno’s advice.

In his next pick, Geno is putting his heart on the line. Long time Geno Bisconte fans will know which team this pick involves. All we’ll say right now is that this pick involves a huge spread on Sunday and we don’t mean Curt Menefee’s lap when he sits down at a pre-game brunch. Geno takes this pick into full-on rant mode which quickly goes from angry to ballistic to screaming about camper sex all in the course of a minute.

After his ball busting filibuster, Geno barely has enough wind (or booze) to give his “Double Your Money Monday Night Bet” for the Steelers – Bengals game, but he makes it to the end exhausted with his bottle empty. One quick note to Geno. With barely enough lung capacity to finish your picks this week, you’re not convincing anyone you’re only going to be 49.

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