What Did You Miss This Week?

If you didn’t have time to check in this week, here’s some of our favorites and some of your favorite things that were posted on The Interrobang.


” The greatest luxury is to be a kind, good person and to impart to humanity something that will enrich their lives, to have a moment with someone that you’ve imparted richness.”   — Andre Leon Talley

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This week, of course, the Ibang was dominated by stories from Hurricane Sandy, and since most of our contributors are in the affected region, we were putting out a lot fewer stories than usual.  Thank you so much to all of our volunteers who continued working through the storm and its aftermath, and everyone who stepped up to help when we were short handed.

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Stories from the Interrobang Staff

42 Pets in Costumes (Mostly Dogs).  From when we thought Halloween was the story of the week.

What’s On!? The Shut In’s Guide to Halloween.  Most of us were very shut in this Halloween, but not everyone could watch tv.

The 5:  Small Luxuries For When You’re Out of Electricity.  After you got your batteries, your hand cranked radios, your pizza and chinese food, what else is good to have on hand?

The Poor Kids of Instagram.  Take that rich kids.

Not Enough Room in the Lifeboat: NFL Running Backs.  Who would you save?

New Jersey Gas Lines Get Longer and Longer

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 Things We Loved This Week:  Best Halloween Costume EVER!  Dad Makes Halloween Costume for Son in Wheelchair  , Trey Anastasio Sings Oooh Child on FallonEvery Movie You Should See in Two and a Half Minutes

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News, Videos and Other Stories from Around the Web This Week:  Hurricane Sandy

Apparently There’s a Storm Coming.  Or so they say in the movies.

Pics of Empty New York Subway Stations

Hurricane Sandy Jet Skier

HMS Bounty Caught Up in Hurricane Sandy

Shirtless Horse Head Guy is the Early Star of Hurricane Sandy

Crane Collapse at One57

Brookyln Battery Tunnel Flooded

The New York Subway Has Seen Better Days

Wake in Half a City That Never Sleeps

Hurricane Sandy Time Lapse Video

Tanker Beached on Staten Island

Watch the Building Facade Collapse

Transformer Explosion at NYC Power Plant

NYC Marathon Cancelled

Gas Lines Get Longer and Longer

Frankie MacDonald Stayed With Us:  Tweet by Frankie MacDonald About Halloween, Frankie MacDonald with a Sandy Update,

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News, Videos and Other Stories from Around the Web This Week:  Everything Else

Chris Rock with a Message for White Voters

Worst Campaign Ads of 2012

Lakers Are 0-3

WTF Steve Spurrier Thinks The Tide Could Beat NFL Teams

More WTF: George Lucas Sells Star Wars

Gene Hackman Slaps a Homeless Man

Honest Trailers:  The Amazing Spider Man

Philly Guy Has a Haunted House

Glow in the Dark Highways are Coming 

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Great Interviews

Aimee Mann Talks About Charmers:  Aimee and Ron Bennington sit down to talk about the new album, relationships, and some politics.

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Weekly Features

Take the IB Wire Quiz. In light of most of our staff being out of power, we skipped this week’s quiz.  Here’s last weeks.

Look at The Blue Centerlight Pop. Check out over 300 of the people, places and things which make the universe more beautiful, better, more interesting.

This Week’s Filtered Excellence.   There’s a lot going on culturally in the world. We’ve filtered out the excellent things for you.

The 3:00 Snack.  The snack is gone but the archives live on.   Check them all out here.


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