September 14, 2016

Presenters Announced for Bill Murray’s Mark Twain Award Ceremony

Next month, Bill Murray will be honored with the nation's highest comedy honor, the Kennedy Center’s Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, and doing the honoring will be a cast mate, a co-star, two late night hosts, a relative and others.
June 14, 2016

Bill Murray To Receive Comedy’s Biggest Honor

Bill Murray enters the unofficial Comedy Hall of Fame. Since 1998, The Mark Twain Prize for American Humor has been considered the top prize in the […]
April 8, 2016

Mighty Boosh Star Comes to Seeso In New Scripted Series

Seeso has released the trailer for its intriguing upcoming dark comedy series Flowers, which premieres May 5.
February 29, 2016

Artist Recreates Memorable Wes Anderson Scenes With Dioramas

Mar Cerdá, an artist from Barcelona, has begun a project where she creates vignettes with paper dioramas; some of which draw inspiration from iconic shots from Wes Anderson films. Of course you get an A+, however, we do suspect you had help from your mother.
February 22, 2016

Wes Anderson’s Bottle Rocket Turns 20 Years Old

This weekend marked 20 years since the release of Wes Anderson's first feature film Bottle Rocket and signifies two decades of great cinema from a director who's known for visual esthetic and memorable dialogue.
January 11, 2016

CNN Released State of the Union Preview As A Wes Anderson Film

They were going to do it Quentin Tarantino style before they realized that would be a horrible horrible decision.
January 4, 2016

The Best of Everything in Comedy 2015 as Voted by IBang Readers

Another year in comedy has come to a close and there's already a lot to talk about in 2016. But before we move on, we have one last thing to settle and that's the results of the 2015 Readers Poll.
December 30, 2015

The Top Ten Comedy Movies of 2015

Let's be honest, it was a tough year for comedy movies in terms of quantity, but that doesn't mean that there wasn't some greatness.
December 3, 2015

The Filtered Excellence: December 3, 2015

Bob Geldof once asked us, “Where is the filtered excellence!?” It’s right here. Once a week we take a break from comedy to bring you this weeks […]
November 12, 2015

Annie Hall Tops the List of 100 Funniest Screenplays Ever

The Writers Guild of America announced their awards for the top 101 funniest screenplays of all time revealing Woody Allen and Marshall Brickman's Annie Hall topped the list. Annie Hall won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay in 1977.
August 25, 2015

A Pair of 85-Year Old Twins Plan To Sleep With Fishes

The 85-year Vollmer twins, Van and Carl of Brooklyn, New York, are gathering a young crew so they may set sail on the ship known as the Peacemaker
July 14, 2015

Wes Anderson-Themed Art Show

A Wes Anderson themed art show is coming to the Big Apple for the first time after five years of exhibiting exclusively in San Francisco.
June 6, 2015

The Shining Gets the Wes Anderson Treatment

The original was great but this time it will have whimsy, lists, great fonts, and most importantly, at least one scene with Bill Murray.
May 21, 2015

The Filtered Excellence: May 21, 2014

Bob Geldof once asked us, “Where is the filtered excellence!?” It’s right here. Once a week we take a break from comedy to bring you this weeks picks of the best things to watch, the most interesting things to do, great things to try, the best picks to read, our favorite things to listen to and more:
May 9, 2015

Wes Anderson Designed His Own Bar In Italy

Having champagne cocktails with Max Fischer?
March 25, 2015

Ben Stiller’s Intense Tennis Lessons

Ben Stiller is off in Rome working on Zoolander 2 but didn't want to quit his tennis lessons he's been taking for a few years now, so he got himself an Italian tennis teacher.
March 8, 2015

Wes Anderson Directs X-Men

What if there was another reality where Wes Anderson directed "X-Men"!?
February 23, 2015

“Birdman” Wins Best Picture At The Oscars

"Birdman", the dark comedy about a washed up comic book hero movie actor trying to find professional redemption, earned Oscar wins for Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay and Best Director, but nothing for its star.
February 22, 2015

The Comedy Guide To Tonight’s Oscars

One thing the Academy Awards always needs is some comic relief during the hours long ceremony.
February 21, 2015

The Top 87 Oscar Nominated Comedy Performances. Ranked.

The 87th Annual Oscars are upon us, and with that comes the common debate as to whether the Oscars don’t give comedy their due. The argument can certainly be made that there is a definite type of film which always receives nominations described as “Oscar bait”; the films which seem to have been made with a checklist of “how to get nominated.” But in the 87 years since the Oscars have been around, there have more than a few times that the Oscars genuinely loved comedy. After all, the first film to get nominated in the top five AND the first film to receive nominations in all for acting categories were both comedies (It Happened One Night (1934) & My Man Godfrey (1936)). And despite seeing more than a few times that the Oscars somehow overlooked great comic performances or only nominated comedians when they went serious (Cary Grant’s two nominations were both in dramas), a few times they showed they had a sense of humor. With that said, here are my picks for the 87 funniest film performances which ever got nominated, ranked.
February 19, 2015

The Filtered Excellence: February 19, 2014

Bob Geldof once asked us, “Where is the filtered excellence!?” It’s right here. Once a week we take a break from comedy to bring you this weeks […]
February 15, 2015

Wes Anderson, Louis CK, John Oliver Win At The WGA Awards

"The Grand Budapest Hotel" was a winner at the Writers Guild of America Awards on Saturday night.
February 12, 2015

See An Animated Version Of “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

If you would like to see how Wes Anderson's "The Grand Budapest Hotel" would possibly look like as a cartoon, you can from the animated videos used by the production design team on the film. Production designer Adam Stockhausen and set decorator Anna Pinnock used “animatics”, animated sequences that take the place of storyboards to set up the shots.
February 8, 2015

“Birdman” Wins At The DGA Awards

Alejandro G. Inarritu was the big winner for his film "Birdman" at the 67th annual Directors Guild of America awards.
January 22, 2015

Wes Anderson Movie Posters As Old Paperbacks

Concepción Studios reimagined Wes Anderson movie posters as Penguins paperbacks and you'll wish these were books you had read.
January 19, 2015

Like Wes Anderson Vice-Versa

And Phoenix plays like the 5th weirdest character in this movie.
January 15, 2015

Oscars Nominations Announced! “Birdman” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel” Up For Best Picture

The nominees were announced Thursday for the 2015 Oscars.