August 30, 2016

George Carlin’s Inner Circle To Tell the Stories You’ve Never Heard on SiriusXM This Thursday

On Thursday September 1, SiriusXM is debuting a never-before-heard album from George Carlin– eight years after his death. Immediately before airing the album, an original audio documentary, […]
June 14, 2016

Bill Murray To Receive Comedy’s Biggest Honor

Bill Murray enters the unofficial Comedy Hall of Fame. Since 1998, The Mark Twain Prize for American Humor has been considered the top prize in the […]
May 11, 2016

George Carlin Archives Heading to National Comedy Museum

Writer/Comedian Kelly Carlin, George Carlin’s daughter, announced today that she will be donating her father’s entire archive to the National Comedy Center, which will be opening next year in Jamestown, New York.
March 11, 2016

In F*#$!%d Up Political Times, Always Go Back To George Carlin

The Primaries are under way, Super Tuesday is already behind us, and November is right around the corner. While this election year has been more laughable then many before it, one cannot forget that American politics has always been at the butt of so many comedians' jokes. But no one was better than George Carlin at opening our eyes to the bullshit of American politics while simultaneously making us laugh at ourselves. Here are some of the best moments Carlin gave us on American politics that still hold true to this day.
February 10, 2016

Daniel Sloss Sheds Some Light on his New York Show ‘Dark’

Daniel Sloss doesn’t have time to explain comedy to you. The 25-year-old comedian, who has been performing since his late teens, is by all means a veteran comic at this point: Five appearances on Conan, eight years performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, sold-out tours worldwide, and even a popular TED Talk from TEDxEaling, titled It’s Just a Story. And the principle of his 2012 talk still rings true to his shows today, particularly when it comes to his most recent show Dark.
February 4, 2016

Don’t Worry About Paul Mooney

Paul Mooney is getting old. For an African American man in today’s society, that is something to brag about. For an African American male in today’s society that ran with an anti war theater group and Jane Fonda, while spending his whole life as a vocal activist for black America? Well that’s just a goddamn miracle. This week, two articles came out discussing Paul Mooney’s career. The first was from Vulture entitled “The Curious Decline of Paul Mooney” and the second was from Madame Noir entitled “There is Nothing “Curious” or ”Declining” about Paul Mooney”.
September 30, 2015

George Carlin Exhibit Opens at Grammy Museum

A George Carlin exhibit will occupy the third floor of Los Angeles' Grammy Museum for the next six months. The exhibit opens today and will pay tribute to the legendary comedian with a collection of his Grammy Awards and other accolades, childhood photo albums, and the original set list from his 1962 Tonight Show Performance and the set list for his 1971 Ed Sullivan appearance. You will also be able to see his public arrest record.
September 7, 2015

George Carlin, Joan Rivers Make Appearances in The Carol Burnett Show Lost Episodes Box Set

In 2015, everyone is talking about women in comedy and making references to our time being a golden age for female comics. And it is. Amy […]
August 14, 2015

Jim Norton Counted Down the Top 50 Stand Up Comics As Voted by SiriusXM Listeners

On Thursday SiriusXM launched a new comedy channel called Comedy Greats that will play the legends of comedy around the clock.  For their big launch event, Comedian […]
August 12, 2015

Famous Comedians Handle Hecklers

Comedy fans at put together this compilation of some of our most famous comics putting down hecklers.
May 7, 2015

Dead Comedians As Holograms? It’s Happening.

Comedy will never die if Tom Benson, chairman of the new National Comedy Center opening next year in Jamestown, N.Y. has anything to do with it.
March 28, 2015

George Carlin Site Relaunches With Exclusive Recordings

This past week, George Carlin's portrait was given a place of honor on the "Recognize" wall at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC.
March 23, 2015

George Carlin Portrait To Be Installed At The National Portrait Gallery

Last month, asked which of three comedians should have a place of honor its "Recognize" wall at the National Portrait Gallery in the nation's capital. "Recognize" is an exhibit at the gallery that is dedicated to Americans who have had "a significant effect on American politics, history, and culture." The choices were Groucho Marx, Ellen DeGeneres and George Carlin.
March 21, 2015

A Comic’s Life: Finding Your Own Writing Process

I’m curious about the writing process of others — comedians, authors, musicians. Similar to finding their voice and persona on-stage, a comic has to find a writing process that best suits them.
February 13, 2015

Comedians On Late Night TV This Weekend: The Very First SNL With George Carlin and The 40th Anniversary Special

There's plenty of SNL this weekend. 40 years worth.
February 12, 2015

Nick DiPaolo Killing It In His New Special

If you’re really into comedy, you know Nick DiPaolo is one of the products of Boston’s comedy boom and part of the pantheon of guys from the "The Table" at The Comedy Cellar who became household names through shows like Tough Crowd and The Comedy Central Roasts. But plenty of folks also know him from his former radio show with Artie Lange, his current podcast, as one of the guys playing poker on Louie, and, of course, from his long and successful stand-up career.
November 7, 2014

George Carlin Quotes: The Game (Quiz)

George Carlin was a true master with words, and one of the most prolific comedians who has ever taken the stage. See if you can finish his sentences with these famous Carlin quotes. Then go read the 15 Unforgettable Carlin Quotes straight just to enjoy them.
October 23, 2014

George Carlin Officially Has His Way

On Wednesday, the New York rain held off long enough for the city to honor legendary comedian George Carlin. At a naming ceremony, the the 400 block of West 121st Street and Amsterdam Avenue officially became known as "George Carlin Way". Now due to some construction and scaffolding going on in the neighborhood, the "George Carlin Way" street sign will hang temporarily at 121st Street and Morningside Drive.
September 6, 2014

The Comedian Who Changed My Life is George Carlin

The Comedian Who Changed My Life is a new series where comics talk about, you guessed it, the comedian who changed their life. This week, Reggie Watts talks about George Carlin.
August 29, 2014

Neal Brennan Talks About The Approval Matrix, Comedy Kale and Why Journalists are Hypocrites

Neal Brennan—a standup veteran, writer, director of Inside Amy Schumer, and co-creator of Chapelle's Show—has now taken on yet another venture: he's the host of Sundance's new show The Approval Matrix. Currently in its third week, the show is based on the much-loved back page of New York Magazine, which grades pop culture topics on a scale of “brilliant to despicable,” and “low-brow to high-brow.” With only three episodes under his belt, Brennan has already managed to offend masses, calling Louie C.K. “the kale of comedy” and stating that he believes “affirmative action has no place in art.” Neal sat down with us to discuss his new job, his comments about kale, and why he thinks journalists are hypocrites (uh-oh).
June 28, 2014

Street Named ‘George Carlin Way’ Finally Approved

The NYC City Council has voted unanimously to name the 500 block of West 121st Street "George Carlin Way".
June 22, 2014

15 Unforgettable George Carlin Quotes

The comedic legend George Carlin left us on this day in 2008. Here are 15 of his best quotes to remind us of what we're missing. Share your favorite Carlin quotes in the comments!
June 19, 2014

Leno To Get Mark Twain Award for American Humor

All of those Jaywalking and funny headline bits have paid off.
April 19, 2014

42 Essential Comedy Albums

For over 60 years, the comedy album has been the best way for comedians to express whatever they wanted without direction from an executive or show runner.
March 25, 2014

Joan Rivers: “Lenny Bruce Changed My Life”

When Joan and Melissa Rivers stopped by the Ron and Fez show this week to talk about the new season of "Joan and Melissa" they talked with host Ron Bennington about what it's like to be a member of one of the most famous families in comedy, and being on a reality show together. Joan also talked about how Lenny Bruce changed her life.
January 14, 2014

The Comedian Who Changed My Life is George Carlin

The Comedian Who Changed My Life is a new series where comics talk about, you guessed it, the comedian who changed their life. This week, Michael Ian Black tells us who is "The Comedian Who Changed My Life."
July 22, 2013

Signature Bits: Comedy’s ‘Stairway’

By the peak of their career, every comedian should have their signature bit. The one joke that can get cheers and an extended applause break from the just from the start of the set-up.