George Carlin’s Inner Circle To Tell the Stories You’ve Never Heard on SiriusXM This Thursday

george carlin

On Thursday September 1, SiriusXM is debuting a never-before-heard album from George Carlin– eight years after his death.

Immediately before airing the album, an original audio documentary, “George Carlin, A Life in Comedy” hosted by SiriusXM’s resident expert in comedy, Ron Bennington will premiere featuring stories about Carlin from his inner circle.

Usually if you want to know more about a comedian you ask other comedians. But the people who knew Carlin best weren’t other comics, they were his daughter, Kelly Carlin, his brother Patrick, and his manager, Jerry Hamza. These are the people who were with him all the time, who knew how he worked, the people who George bounced ideas off of. “George Carlin: A Life in Comedy” will feature stories from Kelly, Patrick and Jerry as well as the man who directed all of Carlin’s specials- Rocco Urbici, and Logan Heftel the archivist who spent four years meticulously going through Carlin’s cassettes, notes, and unreleased material, and who is responsible for discovering the album.

“George Carlin: A Life in Comedy” will also feature comedian Kevin Smith who directed Carlin in movies, Penn Jillette who worked with Carlin on “The Aristocrats,” plus Mel Brooks, Seth Rogen, Kevin Hart, Penn Jillette, Michael Ian Black, Reggie Watts, Jay Mohr, and David Cross, talking about the man who inspired and is revered by every living comedian.

Every fan of comedy will want to listen to the hour, full of stories about how the most prolific comedian of our time worked, how he constructed his specials, and how he was able to continuously put out new material year after year culminating in 13 specials and 17 albums. Hear Behind the scenes stories about Carlin growing up in Harlem, the unexpected reason he almost didn’t appear the movie Dogma, how he saved “The Aristocrats” from being altered, about how his specials were timed to the second, without any editing, as well as how the material for this new album came to light.

Immediately following the special, SiriusXM will air the new album, “I Kinda Like It When a Lotta People Die” – MPI Media Group. You’ll be able to purchase the album on September 16th but for now, SiriusXM is the only place you can hear it.  Back in 2001, George was planning to release a special of the same name.  He performed two shows on September 9, 2001 and September 10, 2001 and recorded them purely for reference purposes. Hours after he performed the 9/10 show, the September 11 attacks took place and it was immediately obvious that they could not film the special as planned. Carlin reworked the material and some of what was planned for the special made it into Carlin’s 2001 release, “Complaints and Grievances,” but the core material could not be used and so those bits went into the archives, never to be released until now.

When George Carlin died in 2008, comedy mourned the passing of a legend. Comedy fans and performers mourned the loss of a genius, and mourned that they would never get to hear a new Carlin special or a new album.

Listen to “George Carlin: A Life in Comedy” followed by “I Kinda Like It When a Lotta People Die” – MPI Media Group, exclusively on SiriusXM on Thursday, September 1st at 3:00 pm ET on SiriusXM’s Carlin’s Corner (channel 400) and at 6:00 pm ET on Comedy Greats (channel 94), with subsequent airings running on Raw Dog Comedy Hits (channel 99).

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