June 14, 2017

Kate McKinnon Chooses Between Kellyanne Conway & AG Jeff Sessions on Late Night

When you have hit characters on Saturday Night Live, the feeling must be to protect them like you would your own children.
June 9, 2017

Laurie Kilmartin Performs Stand Up on Conan

Laurie Kilmartin had a tremendous set on Conan on Thursday night. We wrote about Laurie earlier this year after she released a groundbreaking stand up special […]
June 8, 2017

Mark Normand Performs Stand Up on Conan

It’s been less than a month since Mark Normand appeared on the Tonight Show and released his hour special on Comedy Central, and already he’s got […]
June 7, 2017

John Early Reveals His Toni Collette Obsession on Late Night

If you're a John Early fan, like we are at the IBang, you'll want to watch his appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers from Tuesday night because he was being very John Early-ish.
June 7, 2017

Hasan Minhaj Was Ready to go to DEFCON ORANGE at the WHCD

When Hasan Minhaj met up with Stephen Colbert on the Late Show Tuesday night, the two talk about what they had in common besides both being accused of "smoking weed" at the Met Gala last month by Anna Wintour.
June 6, 2017

Kevin Hart Talks About Being Rejected at the Comic Strip on Colbert

Kevin Hart came out to a standing ovation Monday night on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
June 3, 2017

DL Hughley Takes On HBO After Bill Maher’s Use of the N-Word

If there's anyone in the country who could draw the heat and fire aimed at Kathy Griffin this week away from her, of course it would be Bill Maher.
June 3, 2017

Sarah Silverman Talks New Relationship with Her Old Relationship Jimmy Kimmel

Fresh off the release of her new hour special, Sarah Silverman reconnected with her ex-boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel.
May 25, 2017

Mike Vecchione Performs Stand Up on the Tonight Show

Comedian Mike Vecchione performed stand up on the Tonight Show Wednesday night and ker-ushed it with a phenomenal set. Mike talked about the problems with being […]
May 24, 2017

Erik Griffin Performs Stand Up on the Late Late Show

Erik Griffin took the stage to perform stand up on the Late Late Show with James Corden on Tuesday night.
May 23, 2017

Seaton Smith Performs Stand Up on Conan

Seaton Smith, known for his role on "Mulaney", got to realize one of his comedy goals on Monday by performing on Conan.
May 23, 2017

Jim Carrey Tells Stories Behind “I’m Dying Up Here”

Jim Carrey appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night to a rousing ovation.
May 18, 2017

Showrunner David Mandel Tells Late Night How Veep is in Competition with the White House

David Mandel sat down with Seth Meyers on Tuesday night to talk about how writing for "Veep" this season has become more complicated than in previous seasons.
May 17, 2017

Jimmy Fallon Tells NYT Trump Hair Tussle Backlash “Devastated” Him

To Jimmy Fallon, it was just an innocent late night television moment. To his detractors on the internet, it was a handshake with the devil.
May 17, 2017

Jon Glaser Models Neon Joe S2 Look on the Tonight Show

The Tonight Show audience got to feel the DayGlo of Season 2 of "Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter" on Tuesday night.
May 16, 2017

Vladimir Caamaño Performs Stand Up on Jimmy Kimmel Live

We get to see Vlad perform all the time in New York City, but last night America got the chance to see why we love him […]
May 12, 2017

Mark Normand Performs Stand Up on the Tonight Show

  Mark Normand showed up for his set on the Tonight Show with all the confidence in the world and he absolutely killed. The audience loved […]
May 11, 2017

Danny McBride Reveals the Phobia He Didn’t Know He Had on Kimmel Live

Danny McBride joined Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night to talk about his new film, Alien:Covenant, a huge departure from the comedy films and TV series he's known for.
May 10, 2017

Colbert Reunites With The Daily Show’s Stewart, Bee, Oliver, Helms & Corddry

If the key ingredient for a good party is the people that are invited, then Stephen Colbert threw one really great party on Tuesday night!
May 9, 2017

Taran Killam and Cobie Smulders Planning Big Road Trip

Comedy power couple Taran Killam and Cobie Smulders don’t always get to spend a lot of time together, but since they’ve  both been performing on Broadway in separate […]
April 28, 2017

W. Kamau Bell Explains Why Opening for Chappelle is Extra Challenging

Opening for a comedy superstar like Dave Chappelle has to be the thrill of a lifetime, and it was for W. Kamau Bell, but if he had one regret about the gig, it was that he wasn't paid by the hour.
April 28, 2017

The Lucas Bros Perform Stand Up on the Tonight Show

Dressed almost identically, one of the premiere pairs of identical twins in comedy, the Lucas Brothers returned to the Tonight Show stage to perform stand up on Thursday.
April 26, 2017

John Oliver Doesn’t Like Following Robots on the Tonight Show

The great comedian W.C. Fields is credited with saying “Never work with children or animals.” If W.C. had lived long enough, he might have included robots as well in that rule.
April 26, 2017

The Time Nick Frost Powerbombed Simon Pegg Through a Bed

You would think that just collaborating and performing with Simon Pegg in movies like Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World's End would provide Nick Frost with enough amazing stories to tell.
April 26, 2017

Patton Oswalt Stunned to Hear What Tom Hanks Thinks of Him on the Tonight Show

Recent Grammy Award winner Patton Oswalt (who won for best Comedy Album, "Talking for Clapping") visited the Tonight Show to talk to Jimmy Fallon about the many projects he's currently involved with.
April 26, 2017

Seth Meyers Meets Jan Böhmermann, the Seth Meyers of Germany

Seth Meyers imported one of his Late Night guests last night from Germany.
April 26, 2017

Andrea Martin Claims To Be the Inspiration for “Hamilton”

Comedy legend Andrea Martin sat down with Seth Meyers on Late Night on Monday to talk about her new series, "Great News" created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock.