The Very Best of 2015 on The IBang!


Here we are at the end of our second full year as a full time comedy website and there have been so many changes, and we have so many more changes to come!!!  First we want to thank everyone who works so hard to keep the content wheel turning here.  The contributors, the writers, the people who keep the site running, and of course the readers, commenters, and people who share our content around the web.  All of that is essential to growth and we appreciate it more than you know.

In 2015 we focused on increasing content and produced almost double of what we did in 2014.  We have even bigger ideas for 2016 so please stay with us.  We’re planning on bringing on more writers, so we can create better articles and hopefully be able to bring on some more part time help as the year progresses (maybe even a proofreader!).  If you’re a budding writer, researcher, or have skills to contribute, let us know by emailing

Special thanks this year go out to Amy Hawthorne, Jeffrey Gurian, Kevin Kanach, Earl Douglas, John Young, Debra Kessler, Dan Perlman, Dan Murphy, Sharon Dougherty, Gina Strumelo, Barry Crimmins, Lesley Coffin, Mike Bocchetti, Barry Taylor, James Kamp, Foggy O, Mike W, Christine, Jamie, and some new friends who have already submitted content you’ll be  reading in 2016- Mike Feeney, Kristen Becker, Ramon Rivas and Christina Stiehl. Thank you also to our comedy friends who keep us updated including comedians, club owners, bookers, managers and producers and most of all to all our good friends at SiriusXM and the Bennington Show,  Ron Bennington and Gail Bennington for another amazing year of collaboration, Chris “Pepper Hicks” Stanley, Joey Joe Joe and Vito Calise for helping us to turn our Periscope into something fun, and all the #ScopeBros.

For our final year end story, we’ve picked our 45 favorite stories this year, which was absolutely impossible because we love the content everyone has submitted– 15 features, 15 lists and 15 interviews.  If you’re just joining us, this should catch you up to date, and you really want to see the best of everything we’ve done you can also check out our Very Best of The IBang 2014 page.

Thank you again to everyone and we are so excited for 2016!


Our 15 Favorite Feature Articles of 2015

WaPo Writer Who Accused Amy Schumer Of Racism Never Saw Her Standup by Debra Kessler
Mother With Autistic Son Explains Why You Should Give to Night of Too Many Stars by Sharon Dougherty
The Ultimate Guide to Comedy in Los Angeles by Amy Hawthorne
Comedy in Chicago is Stronger Than Ever by James Allen Kamp
A Look Back at The Year that Changed Comedy by Debra Kessler
Can Judd Apatow Help Amy Schumer Go Mainstream by Dan Murphy
Sandra Bernhard, David Letterman’s Greatest Guest by Interrobang Staff
Toronto’s Marijuana Infused Comedy Scene by Barry Taylor
Too Late for Late Night: An Apology by Barry Crimmins
Comedians Celebrate Red Nose Day by Interrobang Staff
Jay Mohr Special Breaks Major New Ground by Interrobang Staff
Colin Quinn Has Taken Comedy Next Level With The Toosh by Sharon Dougherty
Bridget Everett Destroys At Joe’s Pub in New York City by Interrobang Staff
Our Visit to Seinfeld: The Apartment Experience by Interrobang Staff
Just for Laughs Comedy Fest Photo Album by Interrobang Staff


By the Numbers: Our 15 Favorite List Stories of 2015

87 Oscar Nominated Comedy Performances Ranked by Lesley Coffin
Before They Were Comics: Stand Up Comedians First ‘Straight’ Jobs by Interrobang Staff
The Letterman Effect: 15 Comedians Talk About What Letterman Meant to Them by Interrobang Staff
Six Must See Bobcat Goldthwait Films by Interrobang Staff
Jim Carrey’s Top Ten Film Roles Ranked by Dan Perlman
More Than Just Saul: 7 Amazing Moments in Bob Odenkirks Career by Interrobang Staff
Six Comedy Giants and Their First TV Roles by Interrobang Staff
Five Pieces of Crimmins Wisdom That You’ll Want to Hold On To
The 10 Presidential Things Trump Said in His Presidential Announcement by Interrobang Staff
The First Guests of TV’s Late Night Shows by Interrobang Staff
Play the Trump Stump Game. Who Said Which Quote About Donald Trump by Interrobang Staff
Classic Comedy Films that Got Panned by Critics by Interrobang Staff
12 Comedians with Real Style by Kashmir
Ted TV: A Look at Ted Danson’s Amazing Comedy Television Career by Dan Perlman
TV’s Most Important Comedy Directors by Dan Perlman


Our 15 Favorite Interviews in 2015

Colin Quinn is Ready to Teach a Masterclass on Comedy by Amy Hawthorne
Judah Friedlander for President of Everything by Amy Hawthorne
Known Madman & Cannabis Supporter TJ Miller On Why Comedy is the New Rock & Roll by Interrobang Staff
Bobcat Goldthwait’s Crimmins Documentary is Dark, Funny, and Life Affirming by Debra Kessler
Bridget Everett Is Rock n’ Roll Cabaret with a Lot of Tits and a Heart of Gold by Amy Hawthorne
Nick DiPaolo Killing It In His New Special by Amy Hawthorne
A New Kind of Role for Comedic Actor Martin Starr by Lesley Coffin
Brian Regan Could Pull Off the World’s First Stand Up Comedy Fillibuster by Debra Kessler
Ari Shaffir, Home at The Comedy Store by Amy Hawthorne
In Depth With Rising Comedy Star Beth Stelling by Debra Kessler
Sam Morril Debuts Darkly Funny New Special and Album by Interrobang Staff
Aaron Berg: Is He a Rowdy Scumbag or a Comedy Kitten? by Amy Hawthorne
SNL’s Mike O’Brien Brings Back the Sketch Album by Interrobang Staff
The Carbonaro Effect: Magician Michael Carbonaro Tells Us How He Does It by Interrobang Staff
Kevin Pollak’s Hit Doc ‘Misery Loves Comedy’ Looks at Comedy’s Dark Side by Interrobang Staff

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