Jay Mohr Special Breaks Major New Ground on Showtime

Jay Mohr Special Breaks Major New Ground on Showtime

Jay Mohr is an extremely happy guy. He’s so happy, it might be considered an emotional disorder. Jay talks about all the happiness in his life in his new Showtime special tonight, Jay Mohr: Happy. And A Lot tonight at 10pm et. In his brand new one hour of comedy, Jay Mohr may not give you the secret to being happy, but he does share many intimate details about his life including his shortcomings in the bedroom department.

The special was written by his wife Nikki Cox, and this may have been the first time in history that a comedian’s wife wrote his entire comedy special. Mohr explained on a call to SiriusXM’s Ron and Fez Show that Cox has been writing his comedy for years now. “She wrote the special,” he said. “Written by Nikki Cox, performed by Jay Mohr. She’s been writing so much of my act for so long…so you know what? Give her a credit, and I think that’s going to be be pretty cool, I’m excited that people are going to go woah wait a minute, really?”

He also explained where the title of the special came from. “Every day when I pick my kid up at pre school they got this little report card, it says mood and the lady writes happy, and it says lunch, and she checks a yes box but she feels free to handwrite an add on, ..and a lot.”

A few things are made abundantly clear early on in the special. First, Jay is as funny as ever, second, his wife knows how to write for him, and third, either Jay really loves his chick …a lot, or he’s doing the world’s best impression of a happily married man. But if you are worried that you don’t want to sit around and watch an hour of a guy talk about happiness and being in love, you don’t have to worry because Jay has found the perfect vehicle to talk about loving his wife while still talking about the awful things that people love to hear: Similar Hates. Mohr’s (and Cox’s) premise that you don’t have to have similar interests to keep a relationship happy, you just need similar hates, runs throughout the special, providing big laughs and the ammunition for some killer call backs.

The special also includes a brand new impression of Russell Brand that will definitely go into the Mohr impression Hall of Fame as well as a clever take on the ridiculousness of phobias and homophobia in particular, and a complete destruction of the idea that something can be “so bad its good.” You will never try to be ironic again as Jay shares his own two significant attempts and failures including one of the funniest stories we’ve ever heard involving palliative care marijuana, Las Vegas, and Liberace.

Mohr’s breaking a lot of new ground on this new special, and hopes to also break some new records on Showtime. Jay says his first Showtime special, Funny For a Girl was the #1 white comedy special on the channel, but this time, he says, he wants to “burst through the color barrier.”

Help Jay Mohr reach his dream. Watch “Jay Mohr: Happy And a Lot” tonight on Showtime at 10pm et.

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