The Letterman Effect: 15 Comedians Talk About What Performing on Letterman Meant to Them


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15 Comedians on Letterman

You may have heard David Letterman is retiring and that tonight it will be his last show. You’ve seen hundreds of articles– including a few from us– written about what Letterman meant to viewers or to television or to entertainment.  But we wanted to look at what Letterman meant to some of the performers who appeared on his legendary stage.  We spoke to 15 comedians who were invited to perform on Letterman’s show and asked them what it was like, what it meant to their careers, and what they think Letterman’s legacy will be.  Listen to Bonnie Mcfarlane, Jim Norton, Tommy Johnagin, Todd Barry, Kathleen Madigan, Nick Dipaolo, Adam Newman, Ted Alexandro, Vic Henley, Gary Gulman, Chris Distefano, Jon Fisch, and Lenny Marcus, tell you what Letterman means to them. You can hear all of these clips tonight at 8pm et on SiriusXM’s Hour Special, The Letterman Effect, hosted by Raw Dog’s Ron and Gail Bennington.


Joe List on Letterman

“It meant the world to me to perform on Letterman.  That was my number one comedy goal at that point and maybe one of my number one goals in my entire comedy career. I love the show and I love Dave and I was thrilled to be a part of it. And to get to perform at the Ed Sullivan theater where the Beatles debuted.”

“My best memory – I came off stage and Gary Gulman and Nick Dipaolo and my girlfriend were all there to give me a big hug, and my manager at the time as well. I got a big bunch of hugs and everyone was all teary eyed, it was this big love fest. It was the highlight of my entire life.”