The Letterman Effect: 15 Comedians Talk About What Performing on Letterman Meant to Them

Vic Henley on Letterman

“Any comic will tell you that on the inside gossip train of comedy world, out of all the late night talk shows— I’m an ancient one so back in the day you wanted to do Johnny Carson, and when Johnny retired and it really became Leno or Letterman, even though all the comics liked Jay and respected him as a comic,  you still wanted to do the Letterman Show.”

“Letterman was a little hipper, a little smarter, a little more edgier, that was the show you wanted to do .  So much to Jay’s dismay sometimes– he knew it, he did it.  He did the show 8, 9 times a year before he ever got the Tonight Show. That’s how cool the show was.”