The Letterman Effect: 15 Comedians Talk About What Performing on Letterman Meant to Them

Todd Barry on Letterman

“I don’t really know anyone who doesn’t like him.  Everyone likes him. And I think that he’s a good interviewer, he surprises people when he’s interviewing them and he’s super quick. He’s just really good at what he does.”

“Performing on Letterman was kind of surreal. I’ve been a fan of his before he even had a talk show. I used to see him on Merv Griffin Show and all these late night show and on The Tonight Show.  I even went to see his morning show on a trip to New York. I was on viewer mail once by phone when I was eighteen. So I grew up with him and to be on the show is unbelievable and surreal to know he’s 30 feet to your left while you’re doing stand up.”