Bridget Everett Destroys At Joe’s Pub in New York City

bridget everett joes pub

Bridget Everett’s career is exploding right now. She’s blowing away crowds at festivals across the country, was featured in Vogue Magazine, has an appearance in the upcoming movie Trainwreck, and rising super star Amy Schumer ended her biggest and best season of Inside Amy Schumer this week proclaiming Everett her favorite performer.

But to really capture Bridget at her height you’d have to travel to New York City’s Joe’s Pub. The experience could only be compared to seeing Billie Holiday at the Apollo, or Blondie at CBGB’s in the mid seventies.

When the stars come out, it gives the performance a feeling as if you’re not just in the center of New York City but in the center of the entertainment world. Celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Ben Stiller, , Justin Vivian Bond, and of course Amy Schumer, have all shouted Bridget’s praises in the past.

Last night we were front and center to see Everett’s smash hit show Rock Bottom, and she blew the doors off the legendary venue.  It was nothing short of electric. Every number was a showstopper and the crowd went sideways.  And speaking of stars, Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch were sitting ringside for the show and like everyone else they had arms in the air singing along and loving the show.  Bridget connects with audience in a way that makes everyone in the room feel like she’s singing to you, and you are drawn into the performance both literally and figuratively.

Bridget’s bawdy, brash comedic musical numbers are the reason her shows routinely sell out.  They are shocking, hilarious and powerfully performed with her stellar vocals and signature physicality.  And although she doesn’t necessarily consider herself a comedian, her stories that she weaves between the musical numbers had the crowd falling out.  She does a five minute conversation about the horrors of a five word facebook post about chardonnay that is as funny as anything being performed by America’s most celebrated comedians. And just when you think you know what she’s about, she’ll bring it down with a ballad so beautiful it will break your heart.

Her band and backup singers are flawless and would be reason enough to attend the show. Her costuming is like nothing you’ve ever seen before and we want first dibs if there’s ever a line of Everett Originals.

Bridget defies proper description which is just as well because you will want to be surprised every time.  And you will.  Audience participation takes on a whole new meaning at Everett’s shows, with interactions that are so shocking you’ll wonder if her targets are plants.  They aren’t.  Last night she focused on “Mike” and “Mary Mary” in the front row. We caught up with them after the show, and they told us they had no idea to expect when they walked in hours earlier and were seated in the front row.  A quiet couple from the suburbs, they had been brought to the show by friends who have been trying to see Everett since last year when her run at Joe’s sold out.  They loved it and will be talking about the experience for years to come.

Bridget Everett is one of the reasons that people move to New York City. To know that there’s still a chance for a performer to grow, cultivate organically and explode into greatness is as much of a tradition to the city as Wall Street or the Brooklyn Bridge.

Tonight, Saturday July 11 everyone will have a chance to see her do her thing as Comedy Central presents her first one hour special, “Bridget Everett: Gynecological Wonder” at 12:30am. Grab a glass of chardonnay and plan to be dazzled.

And don’t miss Amy Hawthorne’s amazing interview with Bridget talking about the special!

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