July 23, 2018

Who is On Late Night Tonight in Comedy: Week of July 23, 2018

All late night hosts are behind their desks this week with brand new shows....well, except for one.
July 16, 2018

Who is On Late Night Tonight in Comedy: Week of July 16, 2018

This week, we're still not at a full crew when it comes to our late night hosts. Everyone is still straggling back in from vacation, but we're at almost 100%
July 12, 2018

The Filtered Excellence July 12, 2018

Bob Geldof once asked us, “Where is the filtered excellence!?” It’s right here. Once a week we take a break from comedy to bring you this week’s […]
July 10, 2018

Howard Stern Fans Need to Let Go and Let Grow

Daniel Fickman is a writer, producer and aspiring comedian. A lifelong comedy fan, Daniel has written an entire blog on the history of SNL and studied journalism […]
June 29, 2018

The Filtered Excellence: June 28, 2018

Bob Geldof once asked us, “Where is the filtered excellence!?” It’s right here. Once a week we take a break from comedy to bring you this week’s […]
June 1, 2018

Kanye West Threw A Listening Party in Wyoming For His New Album

Kanye West invited a bunch of his celebrity friends to a listening party for his new album in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and he live streamed it. […]
May 7, 2018

Sam Morril’s Got a Special Coming Out, Stand Up New York’s New Pop Up, and Guess Which Web Series Now Has an Official Sandwich

Jeffrey Gurian is a writer and comedian in New York who loves to Jump Around. Follow his regular column right here, to find out what’s happening […]
January 13, 2018

Who’s Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: January 13, 2018

Saturday Night Live is back live tonight with Sam Rockwell hosting the mid-season premiere!
January 4, 2018

Sundance Preview: National Lampoon, Robin Williams and the Elliott Family Among Highly Anticipated Comedy Premieres

Comedy often makes appearances at Sundance, and this year, the infamous and prestigious film festival is spotlighting some tremendous comedy talents both in front of and […]
December 10, 2017

What Happened on Saturday Night Live This Week: The Best Cold Open All Year, Giant Cameos, and Michael Che Goes Undercover as a Liberal White Woman

This week James Franco hosted Saturday Night Live and it may have been the best episode of the season so far. It felt like a mid […]
November 30, 2017

Guide to NYC Live Comedy This Week: November 30 – December 6

Live Comedy in New York City This Week: New York features some of the best live comedy in the world every single night, from Manhattan to […]
September 7, 2017

Christian Bale Is Getting Fat For A Role Again

Christian Bale lost 63 pounds to play factory worker Trevor Reznik in the 2004 film The Machinist, then in 2013 he gained 43 pounds to star […]
June 30, 2017

Does Jonah Hill Make Your Hot List!?

Move over, Ian Fidance. Looks like there is a new stud ready to play Bonnie McFarlane’s “Would You Bang Him?”. It’s the new slimmed down Jonah […]
May 20, 2017

‘Animals.’ Gets a Third Season at HBO

This week, HBO aired the season finale of HBO’s irreverent animated anthology series Animals. The show is a bit of a sleeper hit, not necessarily pulling in […]
May 17, 2017

Tracy Morgan TBS Series Peek Grabs Huge Reaction at Upfronts; Media Buyers Given First Look at Louis C.K. – Albert Brooks Series

Today during the Media Upfront presentation, ad reps and the media were treated to a look at what’s coming soon for the various Turner networks including […]
April 12, 2017

The Lucas Bros Explain How to Stop Police Brutality in Trailer for New Netflix Special

The solution: “You just gotta give every black dude a 2-5 minute cameo in a movie with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.” Keith and Kenny Lucas, […]
March 22, 2017

Adam Pally Is One Fat Batman on Conan

Adam Pally who likes to appear on Conan in costume, didn't disappoint on Monday night. Pally joined Conan, Andy Richter and guest Jeff Garlin on the couch as the over-inflated caped crusader Fat Batman or maybe it's just Fatman.
March 16, 2017

People Mag Wants You To Know Jonah Hill Is Skinny Again…Again

People magazine is treating Jonah Hill’s weight changes like an attraction, showing off his new slim profile. Is this the new form of body shaming? No […]
December 27, 2016

The Ten Best Comedy Movies of 2016

Last year, we said it was tough finding great comedy movies to pick for our top ten. This year it was even tougher. But there were a […]
September 26, 2016

Amy Schumer Goes All Out For Mets Kiss-Cam

In this day and age where people feel the need to cross things off their bucket lists, (hopefully that includes seeing the end of the phrase "bucket list"), Amy Schumer achieved one of her life long goals.
September 11, 2016

Jonah Hill Gets Mocked Out On Live TV

Jonah Hill went on this show in France to promote War Dogs with Miles Teller and ended up getting ridiculed by one of their presenters. Jonah Hill ended up canceling all of his other French promotional appearances after this. Just another reason to dislike French people.
August 27, 2016

Who’s Hosting SNL Tonight: August 27, 2016

The Olympics are over which means Saturday Night Live gets its time slot back. The show is still on Summer hiatus, so there’s no live show […]
August 20, 2016

Who’s Hosting Saturday Night Live: August 20, 2016

Saturday Night Live is still on its summer break, so there’s no new SNL tonight, and there’s not even a re-run airing, thanks to the last […]
August 11, 2016

Jonah Hill Doubts Men In Black/23 Jump Street Crossover

The 23 Jump Street crossover with the Men in Black series that has allegedly been in the works seems to be in jeopardy, at least according to Jump Street star Jonah Hil
August 3, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio Does Fun Prank on Jonah Hill

Wolf of Wall Street buddies Leo and Jonah are keeping the bromance alive and well. Leo saw Jonah Hill standing outside and decided to run up to him and pretend he was a fan taking pictures. It wasn't until this pictures started showing up online that Jonah Hill realize this was in fact his buddy Leo and not a homeless man.
August 1, 2016

Who is On Late Night Tonight in Comedy: Week of August 1, 2016

Who’s on Late Night Tonight in Comedy? Here’s your guide to comedians appearing on the late night talk shows for this week, August 1, 2016. It’s a super […]
July 15, 2016

’Sausage Party’ Receives Its Own Custom Hot Dog

Seth Rogen just beat the Happy Meal with a new way to promote a movie. Do you like hot dogs? What about Seth Rogen, or animated […]