Social Distancing Dispatches (with Kashmere!) Talks With Janelle James

Socially distancing from reality seems like a dream, right? How many Friday afternoons did you cry at the fact that you have plans, when all you wanted to do was watch Netflix on your couch with a bottle of wine and no obligations? Well… I guess we all need to be careful what we wished for because that’s our current reality with COVID-19  until 2048 with. Kidding… I hope. I figured because since there are no stand-up shows, podcast tours, or sets to go to with everything shut down — comedians are most likely going stir crazy. And since I’m a nosy bitch, I had to find out just how they were passing the time. As always, I’m Kashmere and these are the Social Distancing Dispatches


The Quarantine Gods have blessed us with our next interviewee: the incredible Janelle James. If you’re not familiar with her, a) how could you and b) immediately run to download her comedy album, Black & Mild, available anywhere streaming. She also is currently a writer and actor on the current season of Black Monday on Showtime and if that is not enough content to fill your quaran-dayss, check out her set on The Comedy Lineup on Netflix. Be sure to follow her on Twitter, too! 

How prepared were you for this? Did you have toilet paper at the ready or were you panic running around to bodegas trying to find like, ramen noodles?   At the first whisper I bought enough weed to make edibles for a year and one pack of toilet paper. Priorities.

Are you an introvert or extrovert? Do you feel like this is your thrive time or are you making up conversations with inanimate objects.    I’m an introvert with extroverted tendencies.  I don’t like most people but the ones I do like, I like a lot. So I’m only missing a few but I’m missing them hard.

Are you quarantined alone or with roommates? What’s your favorite/least favorite part of your situation.    I’m alone for now which has worked out in that I know everything is clean and corona free and I don’t hear Cardi yelling at me every time I touch a lightswitch.

Have you come up with a random quarantine meal/snack that you would never eat during your normal day-to-day?   Not random but I’ve been ABSOLUTELY KILLING Poptarts. The last time I ate this many Poptarts I was dating a broke, inconsiderate dude who left me in his place for hours with no food and a jumbo sized box of Poptarts was all I could find in his house. It was a massacre when he returned. Wrappers and crumbs everywhere.  I thought those days were behind me.

The most random show that you’ve found solace in during this… no need to be embarrassed, I’m rewatching Real Housewives of Atlanta to feel right now.    I’ve been watching a little bit of everything as isolation has not strengthened my ability to focus. Finally watched Breaking Bad and Ozark came and went too soon. When anxiety gets too much for me I fire up GTA and randomly kick pedestrians for an hour or so.

I know we should all just be lucky to just have to stay inside, but this is your free pass to vent: what is pissing you off the most about being quarantined. Did you have a cancelled trip? Dream gig coming up? I was supposed to tape a new special this year and I know I’ll still be able to do one EVENTUALLY but all the jokes I was planning to say all seem blah now. Dating…amiright?

What do you want to accomplish during this time that you have been putting off because you “don’t have the time”?   UGgggggh… So many pilots to write. It’s not going well. (eats another edible)


Follow Janelle James! @janellejcomic on Twitter, @janellejamescomedy on Instagram and

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Experience life in the FAB lane. He's fashion forward and knows his way around the red carpets of comedy. It's Kashmir
Danny Kashmere
Danny Kashmere
Experience life in the FAB lane. He's fashion forward and knows his way around the red carpets of comedy. It's Kashmir