Who Are the Last Comic Standing Semi Final 28

Thousand of comedians narrowed down to 100. One hundred comedians narrowed down to the favorite 28. Who are the twenty eight comedians who were chosen by Roseanne Barr, Keenan Ivory Wayans and Russell Peters to continue on to the Semi Finals Round (which, according to Roseanne's twitter account, taped Saturday night). We're taking a look at who are the semis.

NUP_163324_0128.JPGDana Eagle

twitter: @danaeagletweets
website: www.danaeagle.com
10 Years in Comedy

Dana has had appearances on Craig Ferguson, Comedy Central, and she’s a contributing writer for Byron Allen’s Comics Unleashed. She’s an on-air host for Showtime’s ShowNext, and Comcast UNConventional and her solo show, “Stones from Glass Houses” was featured at the HBO Comedy Arts Festival. She also has opened for Bill Maher. During her LCS invitational set she said, ​“

Heard during her LCS set:  “My dad said to me, ‘Dana, it doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight.  Finding a mate is like finding parking at the mall. Sometimes you have to just pull in and go, this is as close as we  get.’”

What the Judges Said:  Russell:  “I enjoyed it quite a bit, I’d like to see what else you have.”  Roseanne:  “I thought it was fantastic.”  Keenan:  “By middle of your set I had no idea where you were going.”