Who Are the Last Comic Standing Semi Final 28

Thousand of comedians narrowed down to 100. One hundred comedians narrowed down to the favorite 28. Who are the twenty eight comedians who were chosen by Roseanne Barr, Keenan Ivory Wayans and Russell Peters to continue on to the Semi Finals Round (which, according to Roseanne's twitter account, taped Saturday night). We're taking a look at who are the semis.


Mike Gaffney

twitter: @mikegaffneynow
website: mikegaffneylive.com
12 Years in Comedy

Mike didn’t start doing comedy until he was 32, and in 2009 made the commitment to pursue comedy full time. Mike recently made his debut television appearance on “Gotham Comedy Live” for AXS TV.  Mike performed in the fourth and final invitational round, and was selected to be one of the Last Comic Standing Semi Final 28.

Heard during LCS set: “My son he has got nothing going on. He’s like a coma patient. He came home the other day with his gym bag. In the gym bag were flip flops. He goes, ‘Dad, my flip flop broke.’ Takes the broken flip flop puts it in the garbage. Takes the other one, puts it back in the bag. NO! No, no no no no. Why?…’Cause that ones not broke dad!” He said it like I messed up! What do you plan on losing a foot? Gonna ebay search a left flip flop?”

What the Judges Said: Roseanne: “As you were going I realized, he’s just planting the seeds to come around for a great big harvest.” Keenan: “You’re like a throwback to Jackie Gleason, I loved it.” Russell: “You have a very fresh take on children.”