Who Are the Last Comic Standing Semi Final 28

Thousand of comedians narrowed down to 100. One hundred comedians narrowed down to the favorite 28. Who are the twenty eight comedians who were chosen by Roseanne Barr, Keenan Ivory Wayans and Russell Peters to continue on to the Semi Finals Round (which, according to Roseanne's twitter account, taped Saturday night). We're taking a look at who are the semis.


Alingon Mitra

twitter: @alingon
website: alingtonmitra.com
4 Years in Comedy

Alingon is just getting started in his comedy career but he’s already won the Boston Comedy Festival and was named “Funniest Comic in New England” that same year. He’s written for the Harvard Lampoon. He did his set on the third round of the invitations, where we also got to see his backstory. He went to Harvard, and by day, he’s a tax consultant at his parents firm.

Heard during his LCS set: “Sometimes people can’t tell what ethnicity I am. One guy said to me, why don’t you go back to making tacos. I was like, I’m indian. He said, I don’t care your break was over half and hour ago.”

What the Judges Said: Roseanne: “” Russell: “You came out swinging right away, I was really blown away.” Keenan: “You were definitely original. I had the expectation you were going to do a bunch of cultural jokes and I liked the fact that you didn’t.”