Who Are the Last Comic Standing Semi Final 28

Thousand of comedians narrowed down to 100. One hundred comedians narrowed down to the favorite 28. Who are the twenty eight comedians who were chosen by Roseanne Barr, Keenan Ivory Wayans and Russell Peters to continue on to the Semi Finals Round (which, according to Roseanne's twitter account, taped Saturday night). We're taking a look at who are the semis.


Aida Rodriguez

twitter: @funnyaida
website: www.funnyaida.com
6 Years in Comedy

Aida has performed on “Hot Topics with Judge Joe Brown”, co-hosts with Joe Brown on his radio series, Nickelodeon’s Mom’s Night Out, Parental Discretion and NuVo TV’s Stand Up and Deliver. She is the host of The Wedding Zinger, a comedy roast special for the NuVo Network, appears on Latino 101 alongside Edward James Olmos and has hosted Manic Minute Meals, a bilingual comedy cooking show for the net. She also writes, directs and produces. Aida appeared in episode one of this years invitational trials on Last Comic Standing.

Heard during her LCS set:   She told her daughter… “You’re gonna always have a bully. One day your bully’s name is going to be taxes and supervisor. You don’t have a bully.  She’s 17. What you have is a year to do something about it before it’s a felony.”

What the Judges Said:  Keenan “You’re a stunning woman, and distraction is a comedians enemy.  Tone it down a little, you never want your beauty to work against you.”    Russell: “I’ve seen her without make up Keenan”