Who Are the Last Comic Standing Semi Final 28

Thousand of comedians narrowed down to 100. One hundred comedians narrowed down to the favorite 28. Who are the twenty eight comedians who were chosen by Roseanne Barr, Keenan Ivory Wayans and Russell Peters to continue on to the Semi Finals Round (which, according to Roseanne's twitter account, taped Saturday night). We're taking a look at who are the semis.


Mark Normand

Twitter:  @MarkNorm
Website: marknormandcomedy.com
5 Years in Comedy

Mark has a pretty impressive track record with appearances on Inside Amy Schumer, Conan, John Oliver’s New York Standup Show, MTVx’s Inside Joke and SiriusXM’s The Ron and Fez Show. Mark tours clubs and colleges all over the country, recently beat out 63 comedians for Carolines March Madness contest, and runs two shows in New York City (Hot Soup is one of them) as well as running two podcasts (Tuesdays With Stories).

Heard during his LCS set:  “I used to work as a janitor during the day so this is a nice step up. Mopping floors, cleaning toilets. I remember one day I was mopping the floor and a businessman slipped. He was like **** man, if the floor is wet you gotta put a sign down. I’m like, I’m mopping in front of you. I am the sign. You know that little guy on the sign doing this? [mop gesture] That’s me but in 3D.”

What the Judges Said:  Russell:  “You had a very well constructed set, you’ve got a lot of promise and great material.”