April 30, 2016

Gary Gulman Shares His Comedy (and haircare) Secrets

His latest special, It’s About Time, debuts Sunday on Netflix. New Yorkers can also catch Gary live at The Gramercy Theater May 21 and he will be touring throughout the country this summer and fall. We met up with Gary at The Stand Comedy Club in Manhattan to nerd out about the ins and outs of comedy, itself.
April 28, 2016

The Goddam Comedy Jam Rocks and Rules Moontower

When Dan Soder called The Goddam Comedy Jam “the best show at this festival” while introducing the show’s creator Josh Adam Meyers on The Bonfire, he was not just blowing smoke up Josh’s ass. He meant it,
March 20, 2016

Josh Gondelman Writes For a Huge TV Show, Created a Giant Twitter Persona, Released His New Album on Digital and Cassette…and He’s the Nicest Guy in Comedy

I dare you to describe Josh Gondelman as a comedian or a person without using the word “delightful.” It can’t be done. Josh takes the kind of gentle approach to his set, even when dealing with darker or edgier material, that can keep you comfortable in the audience whether you’re on a first date or taking out with your grandma. He is also unfailingly positive and supportive towards his fellow comedians and a true joy to spend time with off stage.
March 10, 2016

Billy West Brings His Many Voices to Create A Show About A Show

If you don’t know Billy West by name, you absolutely know him by voice. The veteran radio personality, comedian and voice actor has entered your ears through everything from Futurama and Ren and Stimpy to Howard Stern to just about every animated commercial on TV today. He’s now turned his attention a new project, The Billy West Podcast, an eclectic and unexpected entry into the podcast space that allows Billy to not only stretch his vocal chords, but put them to use in service of his own ideas.
March 8, 2016

Big Jay Oakerson is Ready to Be America’s Next Comedy Rock Star

Big Jay Oakerson is Ready to Be America's Next Comedy Rock Star, and It's About Time
February 25, 2016

Theo Von and Sarah Tiana Defend Southern Honor…Sort Of

Theo Von and Sarah Tiana are two LA-based comedians who share southern roots. Sarah was born and raised in Georgia before moving to LA to pursue […]
February 19, 2016

Ari Shaffir’s 5 Favorite Stories From This Is Not Happening

Ari Shaffir’s This Is Not Happening enters the second season of its third incarnation Tuesday on Comedy Central.
February 11, 2016

Steve Rannazzisi’s Back With a Comedy Central Short

For those of you suffering from football withdrawal who were disappointed in the lack of traditionally misogynistic T&A in this year's Big Game commercials, Steve Rannazzisi's got a cure for you.
February 8, 2016

Big Jay, Dan Soder and Rick Shapiro Star in Animated Short Featuring O.J., Osama Bin Laden and Hitler

In the last few decades, we've seen superhero movies go from clear-cut, black & white celebrations of Good triumphing over Evil to moody, subtle meditations on the gray areas in between and the very idea of what makes a Hero. Luis J Gomez and Dave Smith have waded into this murky territory with their new animated short The Alliance of Really Really Good People. But as you can imagine coming from two thirds of Legion of Skanks, "subtle" it is not. This teaser episode promises to show that some of the worst people in history, from Hilter to Justin Bieber, are merely misunderstood defenders of America.
February 3, 2016

RIOT LA Festival Hits the Mark as a Formidable National Festival

Only four years in and RIOT has grown into a mature and formidable national festival! The two and a half day event was crammed with eye-catching headliners like David Cross, Gilbert Gottfried, TJ Miller and Ron Funches and had more talent scuttled onto the generic Comics To Watch showcases than many festivals have as their top names.
January 20, 2016

RIOT LA Festival 2016: Your Insider’s Guide to the Best Shows

January 29-31 marks the fourth edition of Los Angeles’s RIOT comedy festival, a weekend that turns a few blocks of downtown LA into the epicenter of up-and-coming comedy from around the country.
January 19, 2016

Jamie Lee Shares the Craziest Thing She’s Learned on 10 Things…So Far

Between appearing on Girl Code, multiple late night stand-up appearances and writing for The Pete Holmes Show, Jamie Lee is no stranger to how television works. […]
January 15, 2016

You Don’t Know Tony Hinchcliffe… Yet

Tony Hinchcliffe is a Los Angeles based comedian and writer, and he's one of those comics that has a lot ahead of him, but you probably don't know him yet. His first special One Shot premieres on Netflix January 15 and he will be headlining Caroline’s on Broadway February 5 & 6. Amy Hawthorne talking with Tony about his first stand up special, the decision to shoot it in one shot,
January 7, 2016

Tom Segura’s New Special Shares a Year Of His Life and It’s a Blast

Tom Segura already had a healthy and very loyal following before his first Netflix special Completely Normal was released in 2014. He’d amassed these ardent fans thanks to his first two albums, Thrilled and White Girls With Cornrows, his much loved appearances on The Joe Rogan Experience and The Crabfeast, and his wildly popular podcast Your Mom’s House with fellow comedian and wife Christina Pazsitzky. But Completely Normal brought Tom’s Q score to a whole new level, and his new special Mostly Stories, which premieres on January 8, is poised to build on that success.
December 10, 2015

Caught in the Act: Big Jay Oakerson Celebrates a Birthday in NYC

With Caught in the Act, each week, Amy will share one moment in New York Comedy that you need to know about. For her column debut, Amy shared a moment from The Bitter End. This week, Amy celebrated Big Jay Oakerson's birthday at The Stand. Amy’s column appears every Thursday. Catch it to find out what you missed and why you shoulda been there.
December 3, 2015

Caught in the Act: It’s Mike Lawrence vs British Tourists and Mike Lawrence Wins

Each week, Amy will share one moment in New York Comedy that you need to know about. For her column debut, Amy shared a moment from The Bitter End. This week, Amy watched Mike Lawrence really handle some Brits at New York Comedy Club. Amy’s column appears every Thursday. Catch it to find out what you missed and why you shoulda been there.
December 3, 2015

Tracy Morgan Goes Deep on Race Wars

If you’re wondering whether a man who had every bone in has face shattered (among dozens of other critical injuries) a year and a half ago could possibly have “it” back, wonder no more. Tracy Morgan walked into the Sirius XM studios for Race Wars guns blazing and didn’t stop for two hours that had the whole room and the Race Wars live audience cracking up the entire time.
December 1, 2015

Brent Morin, Comedian and Safecracker, Answers Six Questions

Brent Morin is a Los Angeles based comedian who is now a household name thanks to his breakout role on NBC’s Undateable. His first special I’m Brent Morin is now available on Netflix. Amy Hawthorne talked to Brent on a hectic and busy night while he was trying to break into his apartment after locking his keys inside for the umpteenth time.
November 27, 2015

Andrew Santino Talks New Album, New Special and Showtime Pilot

Andrew Santino is a Los Angeles based stand-up comedian whose goofy ginger face should be familiar to anyone with a TV, tanks to memorable guest runs on Arrested Development and The Office and his brief stint as one of the leads in the high concept sitcom Mixology.
November 24, 2015

Caught in the Act: This Week, Luis J. Gomez Plays Truth or Dare

Our newest column debuts this week, and it comes from our own comedy groupie-- Amy Hawthorne. Each week, Amy will share one moment in New York Comedy that you need to know about.
November 13, 2015

Sean Donnelly Answers Five Questions About Life…Death…and His Dog Rickles

We asked Sean 5 questions about his life, his death, his dog, and more!
October 25, 2015

Jerry Rocha Talks About His New Comedy Special and How He Got Fluffy On Board

Jerry Rocha is a man of surprising contradictions. Born and raised near Dallas, he doesn’t come off as a stereotypical Texan, nor does he act like […]
October 20, 2015

Judah Friedlander, World Champion of the Single Panel Cartoon

Judah Friedlander is pretty amazing. Not only is he a brilliant comedian, karate world champion, and accomplished actor, but he’s a very thoughtful guy. When he’s not busy making people happy on stage and on screen, he’s often putting some serious consideration into the woes of those around him.
October 10, 2015

Meet Casey Balsham, Winner Highlander 2015

After a short and brutal run that saw most of the field decimated in week 2, Casey Balsham has emerged as the winner of The Highlander Comedy Football Challenge 2015. “I’m a girl, so I just picked based on the colors of their uniform.” Casey jokes when asked about her winning strategy.
September 8, 2015

Aaron Berg: Is He a Rowdy Scumbag or a Comedy Kitten?

Aaron Berg is one of the most fun comedians you can see live in New York City. The Canadian-born Jew with giant muscles and a shaved head often jokes, “I know I don’t look Jewish, I look like I eat Jews for breakfast mixed with creatine powder,” before ripping into a set filled with raunchy filth, outrageous audience interactions, and some very intelligent observations.
July 21, 2015

Montreal Just For Laughs: Wyatt Cenac Is No Freedom Fighter, Just a Furry Dumb Fighter

You probably recognize Wyatt Cenac from The Daily Show. Most people do. He was a standout correspondent on the show from 2008-2012, earning 2 Emmys and a WGA award along the way. But Wyatt is also an accomplished stand-up comedian, whose tone and subject matter certainly helped him land the gig, but go well beyond fake news stories pointing out the hilarious hypocrisy of political candidates or the actual news. The full spectrum of Cenac will be on display this week at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, as he performs a solo show called Furry Dumb Fighter at Cafe Cleopatra July 20-14.
July 17, 2015

18 of the Hardest Hits From the Big Jay Oakerson Roast, And Who Said Them

The Roast of Big Jay Oakerson was a perfect treat of Legion of Skanks fans and the growing legion of Jay fans. Roastmaster Luis J Gomez wrangles a dais of Mike Vecchione, Mark Normand, Harris Stanton, Kurt Metzger, Bonnie Mcfarlane, Impractical Jokers’s Sal Vulcano, fellow Skank Dave Smith, the new boss Anthony Cumia, and LoS favorite guests Dan Soder and Ari Shaffir, with a surprise drop in from Jay’s (legally not really ex yet) wife.