July 9, 2015

Bridget Everett Is Rock n’ Roll Cabaret with a Lot of Tits and a Heart of Gold

Bridget Everett is is one of the most dynamic and compelling entertainers around. Straddling the line between music, comedy and cabaret as confidently as she straddles some of her audience members during her performance, Bridget’s big tits, big voice and big personality create a show that truly needs to be experienced. In addition to touring with Amy Schumer and performing at festivals and theaters from coast to coast, Bridget has a long-running residency with Tender Moments (a band that just happens to include Beastie Boy Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz) at Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater in New York.
June 30, 2015

Meltdown Still a Giant in the Indie Comedy Show World: Emily Gordon and Jonah Ray Talk About Season 2

The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail opens its second season on Comedy Central this week, as it continues its fifth year as the preeminent independent comedy show in Los Angeles. We talked with producer Emily Gordon and co-host Jonah Ray about the live show’s accidental magic and the intentional decisions on how to capture that magic for TV.
June 27, 2015

First iPhone Comedy Special Ever Pushes the DIY Revolution

Owen Smith's name is familiar to comedy fans on both coasts and his face is familiar to television viewers, who may still just know him as a “Hey, it’s THAT guy!” thanks to his numerous guest roles and memorable commercial appearances (he was the guy who did a choreographed dance with his State Farm agent on the jumbotron). He’s also a prolific writer who contributed to Are We There Yet?, Deon Cole’s Black Box, and 2013 reboot of The Arsenio Hall Show.
June 17, 2015

Steve Rannazzisi’s 5 Worst Places to Get Stoned

Steve Rannazzisi is a New York boy whose near miss on September 11, 2001 inspired him to quit his corporate job and head to Los Angeles to pursue a career in comedy. He quickly began performing and working at The Comedy Store, where he was discovered by the producers of Punk’d and has been working steadily ever since.
June 11, 2015

The Ultimate Guide to Comedy In Los Angeles

Los Angeles has hands down the most diverse and dynamic comedy scene in the country. It has to be, thanks to The Industry that calls the city home. Every show is packed with headliners, TV stars, D list celebrity freak shows and a boatload of solid talent who don’t get their names in bold in Variety or Deadline.
June 3, 2015

This Could Be The Summer of Joe List

Joe List is having a great year. After over a decade doing comedy in Boston and New York, he’s hit on a string of awesome, high profile opportunities to show the world what everyone in New York already knows - he’s a fantastic comedian. In 2014 he made his first appearance on Letterman and six months later was almost unanim
June 1, 2015

Sam Morril Recording His First Album Tuesday Night

Sam Morril is a tremendously funny young comedian who is a staple of the NYC comedy scene. After a brief stint in the controversy spotlight a few years ago over a rape joke, Sam’s poised to make a more meaningful impression on America, following his recent appearance on Adam Devine’s House Party with an upcoming Comedy Central Half Hour special and a new album. He’ll be recording the album Tuesday June 2 at The Village Underground. We spoke to him about being as funny as possible all the time and the death of journalism while he sat poolside on a road gig in Arizona.
May 6, 2015

Comedy Smashes Into Music at Full Speed at The Goddamn Comedy Jam

"If I polled you, 99% of this crowd would rather be rock stars than whatever the fuck they do now. Myself included, so this is a dream." That's Roastmaster General Jeff Ross, segueing from the stand-up part to the musical part of his set at April's The Goddamn Comedy Jam. GDCJ is a monthly show at the Lyric Theater in Hollywood that features comedians doing sets of regular material, then rocking out with house band Elemenopy, live band karaoke style.
May 1, 2015

Nate Bargatze Works His “Full Time Magic” On Comedy Central

Nate Bargatze's first comedy special is coming to Comedy Central and the network is calling it magic.
April 27, 2015

Funny People Eat Too! Comedians Pick The Best Food They Ate In Austin, Texas During Moontower

Fans go to Moontower Comedy Festival for plenty of reasons the main one being to see great comedy. Why do the comedians go to Moontower? They all have their reasons but the local cuisine is definitely going to be in the top 3 reasons. So we asked six comedians- what's the best thing you ate while in Austin for the Moontower Comedy Festival?
April 27, 2015

Judah Friedlander World Champion Smashes All Comers at Moontower Ping Pong

Who Has the Balls to Challenge the World Champion Judah Friedlander at Ping Pong?
April 26, 2015

Heavy Hitters Pack Dr. Katz Live at Moontower as Maron, Pepitone, Phillips, Irrera and Barry Get on the Couch

Dr Katz Live at Moontower Comedy Festival was equally cool, bringing the therapy session segments - part improv game, part late night talk show appearance, part actual therapy - to Austin, minus the Squigglevision. It was also an easy way to catch a bunch of heavy hitters all on one show.
April 25, 2015

Tim Minchin the “Woody Allen Jesus” Brings a Sermon on the Mount To Moontower

Whether you consider comedian/musicians part of the “comedy” or “oddity” section of Moontower, the festival is full of some of the best comedians who get their laughs via song.
April 24, 2015

Moontower Update: 7 Comedians Tell Us Who They’re Excited to See at the Moontower Comedy Festival

Moontower Comedy Festival is not just a chance for fans to see their favorite stand up comedians, it's also a chance for comedians to see their friends, and watch other comics they admire. Amy Hawthorne asked seven comedians, "Who are you most excited to see here - either personally or onstage?"
April 22, 2015

Moontower Preview: Andy Kindler Talks About Twitter Addiction, And Going to Austin

This weekend, Andy Kindler will be appearing at The Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival in Austin, Texas. Amy Hawthorne caught up with him to talk about the festival and his Twitter addiction.
March 18, 2015

Judah Friedlander for President of Everything in 2016

Judah Friedlander is one of the most recognizable comedians in New York. Thanks to his role as Frank Rossiatano on 30 Rock, with his awesome hats and long flowing hair (a look he rocks everyday), people on the street literally stop with their mouths agape, excited to be in his presence.
February 18, 2015

Tall, Handsome Michael Kosta Has Comedy For You If You’re Attractive

Michael Kosta recently released his debut album “Comedy For Attractive People” The LA-based comedian recorded it at San Diego’s Comedy Store La Jolla and released it […]
February 12, 2015

Nick DiPaolo Killing It In His New Special

If you’re really into comedy, you know Nick DiPaolo is one of the products of Boston’s comedy boom and part of the pantheon of guys from the "The Table" at The Comedy Cellar who became household names through shows like Tough Crowd and The Comedy Central Roasts. But plenty of folks also know him from his former radio show with Artie Lange, his current podcast, as one of the guys playing poker on Louie, and, of course, from his long and successful stand-up career.
February 10, 2015

Marina Franklin’s Best and Worst Reasons to Date Younger Guys

Don’t let Marina Franklin’s youthful good looks fool you, she’s a well respected veteran of the New York comedy scene who has been featured on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Best Week Ever, @midnight and Women Who Kill. Marina is also one of the best emcees in the city, although she strongly prefers doing a regular set to being the show’s ringmaster. However, she’s one of the many young comics who have stepped up and stepped into regular hosting duties at The Comedy Cellar since Ardie Fuqua was hurt in an accident this summer. So you can catch Marina taming the lions most nights there, but if you want to opportunity to watch Marina stretch out and do an extra-long set, she’ll be headlining New York Comedy Club for two shows on Friday February 13 for a live taping.
January 27, 2015

Will Science Kill Us All? Comedians Jono Zalay and Joe Zimmerman Speculate

It's no secret that podcasts, shows, and conversations combining science with comedy are big this year, but Neil deGrasse Tyson isn't the only one covering the place where scientists and comedians meet. Amy Hawthorne talked with comedians Jono Zalay and Joe Zimmerman about their show, their podcast, and how they thing the world will end.
January 19, 2015

Colin Quinn is Ready to Teach a Masterclass on Comedy

You may know Colin Quinn from his recent one man show Unconstitutional. Or one of his other one man shows Long Story Short and Colin Quinn: An Irish Wake. Or from his stint as Weekend Update anchor on Saturday Night Live. Or from his time at the helm of the much beloved Tough Crowd. Or from his long and well-respected career in standup. Or even from MTV's Remote Control. My point is, you know Colin Quinn. Or maybe you just think you do. So of course we jumped at the chance to talk with him while he was promoting shows at Helium Comedy Clubs in Buffalo and in Philadelphia this month,. Amy Hawthorne spent some time talking with Colin Quinn about his sometimes misleading persona and the somewhat random evolution of his career.
January 13, 2015

Ari Shaffir, Home at The Comedy Store

Comedian Ari Shaffir is having a big month, and no, it's not because of the kiss cam video that went viral with Duncan Trussell last week. This Friday at Midnight Comedy Central Presents Ari Shaffir: Paid Regular, Ari's one hour special which was filmed in the original room at the world famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles, and then later this month, his new series "This is Not Happening" debuts on Comedy Central on January 22nd. TiNH may be new to Comedy Central, but it's not new to anyone who loves live comedy. Shaffir's series which has funny people telling funny stories has been performed for two years now as a web series, and live at clubs and festivals since 2010. Ari's podcast, Skeptic Tank also had the distinction of being named one of our "Podcasts You Absolutely Have to Listen To." In honor of Ari Shaffir month, writer Amy Hawthorne talked with Ari about his upcoming special and his comedy.
January 7, 2015

Los Angeles Gearing Up For An Amazing RIOT LA Fest: Here’s Your Insider’s Guide to the Best Shows at the Fest

RIOT LA enters its toddler phase this month, with the third outing on Jan 16, 17 and 18. This weekend-long comedy festival packs a lot into a little, in terms of both time and space. In only three days and a few square blocks of Downtown LA, RIOT offers about 35 shows featuring almost 100 comedians from around the country.
December 16, 2014

Listen to Serial with Zach Sherwin

Are you listening to Serial? Of course you are, NPR's true crime podcast hit 5 million downloads faster than any podcast in history.
December 16, 2014

Steve Simeone, Like a Santa Claus You Can Hang With

My first impression of Steve Simeone’s act was that it felt like hanging out at a bar with your funniest friend with the best stories. His friend’s kids are convinced Steve is actually Santa Claus. If you mix those two together, you pretty much have Steve in a nutshell.
December 8, 2014

The Temple Horses Pick The 6 Comic Book Movies They’d Like to See Made

Temple Horses is the duo of Nick Ruggia and Ryan Hoffman, who have written and produced online sketches starring Mike Canon, Greer Barnes, Jaqi Furback, Corinne […]
December 3, 2014

Bill Burr Talks About His New Special, and the Next Generation of Comedy

This Friday Netflix will release Bill Burr's fourth hour long special, "I'm Sorry You Feel That Way." The special was shot on June 20, 2014 at the Tabernacle in Atlanta. Burr is the stand up comedian that other comedians aspire to be right now. His Monday Morning Podcast is one of the most downloaded comedy podcasts on iTunes and he is the co-founder of the "All Things Comedy" network. He has so many things happening in 2015, including a co-starring role in the feature film "Black or White" and an animated Netflix Series "F is for Family." Amy Hawthorne spoke with Bill about his career, and the new special.