Comedy Dynamics Snaps Up Poop Documentary at Tiff, and Enters the Film Distribution Biz


Comedy Dynamics, the comedy production and distribution company behind specials like ’s Walk Your Way Out, Doug Stanhope’s No Place Like Home, and Tom Segura’s Completely Normal, can now add “a documentary about poop” to their resume.

Called Poop Talk, the film was just picked up by Comedy Dynamics after an aggressive bidding war at the Toronto International Film Festival. The doc is a comedic look at the topic of poop, and how American society has created a taboo around a bodily function that we all (mostly) experience everyday. Produced by Sammi Edelson and directed by Aaron Feldman, the film consults a wide variety of comedians and “experts” that includes Kumail Nanjiani, Nikki Glaser, , Nicole Byer, Adam Carolla, Aisha Tyler, Jonah Ray, Nick Swardson, Randy and Jason Sklar, Eric Stonestreet, Dr. Drew Pinsky and many more, 50 in total! Through it all, the film aims to shatter the taboo of poop talk and show what our apprehension about the topic really says about each of us.

“Poop Talk allows those who are both comfortable and uncomfortable to sit back and be entertained by some of the best in the business talking about something that everyone knows a little bit about,” said producer Sammi Edelson. “We set out to make something lighthearted but informative and are excited to share it with the world.”

Comedy Dynamics’ Brian Volk-Weiss seems pretty happy about the acquisition, going so far as to say that the film “is going to be an instant classic like The Aristocrats before it.” A bold claim to be sure, but the concept and lineup of featured comics indicates that could certainly be true.

No word yet on when Comedy Dynamics intends to release the film, so stay tuned to The IBang for more information as it comes!

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Bill Tressler

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