Kevin Hart Set to Host SNL in December

has announced the lucky few who will be hosting/performing during the show’s three episodes in December, and the name’s in store are fittingly big.

After the snoozefest that’s sure to be this weekend’s Saoirse Ronan and U2 episode (kidding), viewers will be treated to back-to-back episodes presented by two more comedy-centric hosts: and .

Franco will take over hosting duties on December 9 alongside musical guest SZA, while Hart will be taking the stage on December 16, joined by iconic rock band Foo Fighters. Franco will be in town to promote his new movie The Disaster Artist (opening December 8), a biographical comedy about Tommy Wiseau and his historically bad film The Room. Hart, of course, is promoting Jumanji (opening December 20), the reboot to the cult classic kids film in which he stars opposite Jack Black, Dwayne Johnson and Karen Gillan.

Franco’s stint will be his fourth time hosting, while Hart’s will be his third.


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Bill Tressler

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