Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: September 21, 2019

Adam Sandler hosts the last Saturday Night Live rerun of the summer before next weekend’s SNL Season Premiere!

For most people, summer has come and gone. Kids are back in school and summer vacations are distant memories. However, if you’re an SNL fan, there’s one more week until the hiatus finally comes to an end. Tonight at 11:30pm et on NBC, Saturday Night Live wraps up its long summer of repeats with one final encore. It was the highest rated show from all of last season and it was a homecoming episode hosted by one of Saturday Night Live‘s prodigal sons, Adam Sandler, from May 4, 2019.

Usually when a new SNL season is upon the cast, crew and producers, it’s a time of excitement. The focus is usually on the premiere and of course, any cast additions or subtractions. It’s usually a pretty positive time for Saturday Night Live. But not this premiere week. All of Saturday Night Live’s publicity going into SNL – Season 45 this week, has been of the bad nature. It started with the exciting announcement of three new featured players to the SNL cast, Bowen Yang, Chloe Fineman and Shane Gillis. Then social media began its digging and a Twitter user found a conversation where new hire Shane Gillis was making jokes about Asians, mocking their accents and using a slur to describe Chinese people. Shane and SNL were instantly under siege. Ending with Saturday Night Live caving and firing Shane Gillis. You can read more about the “rapid attack on new SNL player Shane Gillis” in an article by the IBang’s Debra Kessler.

Now no matter which side of this issue you fall on, whether you’re angry with Saturday Night Live for killing a young comedian’s dreams for simply doing what young comedians do by testing waters with their comedy or if you’re resentful towards SNL for hiring Shane Gilis in the first place without fulling vetting him, none of the Shane Gillis – Saturday Night Live Saga and its coverage, going into a new season, was good news for the network variety series that made a reputation for itself by pushing the envelope.

Of course, while next week is all about the future of SNL, tonight’s final repeat of the summer is all about the past. To some fans’ surprise, tonight’s rerun is the first time that Adam Sandler had ever hosted Saturday Night Live. Despite becoming one of the wealthiest people in comedy with nearly $3 billion dollars in box office receipts, “The Sandman” had never returned to host where his comedy career first took flight for five seasons until NBC fired him from SNL in 1995.

Sandler’s termination from Saturday Night Live back in the 90’s, is the main topic of his SNL monologue in tonight’s repeat. He has a song prepared for the occasion where he sings about being shown the door from Studio 8-H. He’s joined by one of the night’s surprise cameos, Chris Rock, as he sings his way through his SNL employment history. Current cast member Pete Davidson also gets in on the monologue fun, only to be reminded by Sandler that he hasn’t been fired by SNL, much to Pete’s surprise. And other people’s surprise as well, considering Shane Gillis was canned and he never insulted a decorated wounded war hero on Weekend Update like Pete did, but later got a chance to apologize and make it right, but we digress.


The highlight of Adam Sandler’s return comes at the end of tonight’s SNL rerun. He does an emotional musical tribute to his dear friend and SNL cast mate Chris Farley who was fired along with Sandler in 1995 and later passed away at age 33 in 1997. The song Adam Sandler performs is “My Boy, Chris Farley” from his Netflix special “100% Fresh“ where he originally premiered it. The SNL version, like the Netflix one, includes a multi-media look back at Farley and Sandler’s days together. After this episode of Saturday Night Live aired, Sandler admitted to having a rough time performing the song on the SNL stage. We have the original “My Boy, Chris Farley” performance from “100% Fresh for you to enjoy on the Interrobang.

The sketches on tonight’s SNL encore are a lot like the host in their silliness and absurdity. The opening sketch “War Zone Reporter” features cast member Mikey Day as a war zone reporter interviewing an opposition leader played by host Adam Sandler. Due to technical problems, the interview is being broadcast through Snapchat and its many goofy filters. Also tonight, Adam Sandler gets to play the straight man in the “Sandler Family Reunion” sketch where we meet the extended Sandler relatives who are the inspiration for all of his wacky movie characters. Then Sandler plays travel agent Joe Romano of “Romano Tours“, an Italian vacation tour agency, who explains that a vacation can’t guarantee happiness.

Adam Sandler also gets to take part in one of SNL‘s recurring “Last Call” sketches. He plays Bernie Letzman who has a chance encounter at the bar with cast member Kate McKinnon’s frequent barfly character Sheila Sovage. We’re also treated to another cameo in this sketch with former cast member Kristen Wiig returning to play Bernie’s wife, Melba Letzman-Toast. It’s a sketch that pushes some boundaries of good taste. She also appears in the “Sandler Family Reunion” sketch as does frequent Sandler collaborator Allen Covert, musical guest Shawn Mendes and Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon who never worked with Sandler on SNL, but hates to miss any fun going on at Saturday Night Live.

Even the SNL – Cold Open goes for silly rather than political humor tonight. The Trump material is set aside for an opener featuring cast member Kenan Thompson as Steve Harvey hosting a round of “Celebrity Family Feud.” In tonight’s repeat match up, it was two of the hottest entertainment properties from when this episode originally aired, “The Avengers” versus “Game of Thrones.” The SNL cast go full impression mode for the opener including cast member Leslie Jones as Groot from the “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Since Leslie Jones is leaving Saturday Night Live and won’t be back for SNL – Season 45, it’s your last chance to catch her SNL work in the 11:30pm time slot. “She’s Groot, bitch.”

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Weekend Update is another trip down memory lane for Adam Sandler on tonight’s repeat SNL. He brings back his Update recurring character Opera Man after a long, long absence to look at the day’s biggest news stories. The studio audience obviously remembers Opera Man and gives him a warm welcome home. Enjoy Opera Man’s triumphant return and his shot at Seth Rogen as he sings his way through the news.

Also visiting the Weekend Update desk tonight, it’s Kate McKinnon as Senator and Democratic Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren. McKinnon’s impression is amazing and even more relevant 4 months later as Warren does better and better in the Democratic polls.

What do SNL anchormen Colin Jost and Michael Che cover in tonight’s edition of Weekend Update? They go after Attorney General William Barr refusing to testify in front of Congress and the Democrats’ lame ways of calling him “a chicken.” Plus, they have commentary on the Mueller Report, Congress demanding President Trump’s financial history, the ongoing friendship between Trump and Russia’s Putin, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio jumping into the Presidential race (oddly enough by the time this episode aired in a repeat, de Blasio was back out of the race again), “Game of Thrones“, the Pope meeting with hair stylists, Mark Zuckerberg’s “Sleep Box”, Applebee’s, jellyfish, a crap meat thief, and Moby making an unusual claim about President Trump.

Saturday Night Live has two SNL – Digital Shorts on tonight’s show. One is a music video where cast members Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney along with Adam Sandler sing about the realization that our clothes are really just a collection of “Holes.” The other SNL – Digital Short is a parody spot for “Rectix“, a prescription for men who don’t realize why they’re having trouble performing in the bedroom.

We have one of the promos from when tonight’s SNL encore originally aired. It’s a quick look back at host Adam Sandler’s 5 seasons of work on Saturday Night Live. Everything crammed into this 15 seconds ended up making him a comedy star.

Adam Sandler returns home to host tonight’s SNL repeat, the last Saturday Night Live rerun of the summer, with musical guest Shawn Mendes, this evening at 11:30pm on NBC!

Next week, SNL returns live with the Saturday Night Live – Season 45 premiere hosted by Woody Harrelson with musical guest Billie Eilish!!

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