Should SNL Have Apologized to Dan Crenshaw?

This week on SNL, the show, via Pete Davidson in a Weekend Update segment apologized to veteran and Navy Seal Dan Crenshaw for a now infamous joke he made the week before about Crenshaw’s photo.  The joke missed the mark and generated a firestorm of complaints via social media and media.

America seems to be enthralled with Pete Davidson’s apology but lets look what SNL gave up.

Saturday Night Live sees themselves a beacon for liberal rights and causes. Their numbers went up when they brought on the Trump-hating Alec Baldwin impression, and the show has seemed to be unconcerned with any criticisms that they are ‘too political.’  But then they turn around and do what Trump would never do- they go and hand the ball over to the other side. Because they didn’t just apologize.  They wrote jokes, for a Trump acolyte.  To use a word that has haunted NBC in the past, they humanized him.

If these political causes that SNL champions each week taking the air out of conservative America don’t mean anything, by all means give a friendly space to a guy who fights against all of those policies. But if we’re doing that, do us all a favor and get rid of that political cold open. Cause while we’re never forgetting the veterans, we may be forgetting the people who were killed in Pittsburgh, the struggles of LGBTQ Americans, the women who are fighting for Roe vs Wade with everything they have, and those being persecuted for their status as immigrants.

With all respect to a veteran and a hero, who ever said that we can’t make jokes about our heroes? And Crenshaw is not just an ex navy seal who suffered a tragic injury.  He’s also a new congressman who can and should be open for critique, his heroic service notwithstanding. And if you read Crenshaw’s policy page, his policies line up precisely with the type of agenda that Saturday Night Live’s sketches have been combatting.  Here are some of  top issues at the top of his agenda.

Abortion:  As a country, we must place more value on LIFE. I believe that each life is created by God for a special, unique purpose, and that every life has inherent value. Being pro-life goes beyond politics. It is a foundational, moral position on the side of humanity. Life starts at conception and I will fight to protect the unborn from conception onward.

Gun Control: I will always fight for 2nd Amendment rights. Democrats who don’t understand how guns even work continue to propose frivolous and ineffective gun-control legislation in Congress. We cannot allow the Leftists to set the terms of the gun rights debate in this country. Many states have borderline unconstitutional gun laws. We cannot allow this to happen in Texas.

Immigration: Border security, border security, border security. Border security must come first, before we have any other conversation. Enough is enough, let’s enforce our laws. We should not only build the wall but also ramp up tech-savvy ways to secure our border, like drones and sensors. My background in national security makes me uniquely qualified to assess different proposals and find the right solution.

Religion: I will never let the government force a private citizen or business to actively participate in an activity that directly violates their religious beliefs. Period. We are simply protecting the freedom of individuals to abstain from something that violates their religious beliefs.

Even if it’s not a question of politics, since when does SNL apologize for jokes? The only apology we can remember coming from the direction of SNL was was during the Clinton administration, off-air, to the White House after a Wayne’s World sketch took a shot at the appearance of 13 year old Chelsea Clinton. But can’t remember a single instance of an on air apology.

And the joke itself wasn’t by any means the most offensive joke to hit the SNL airwaves.  While joking about the candidates who were running in the midterm elections, Pete Davidson said about Crenshaw “You may be surprised to hear he’s a congressional candidate for Texas, and not a hitman in a porno movie,” showing a photo of Crenshaw who wears an eye patch, adding, “I’m sorry. I know he lost his eye in war or whatever.”  Crenshaw never asked for an apology or any reaction from the network. He understands jokes, and was satisfied with the backlash SNL was receiving.

Kenan Thompson had told the panel on The View that the incident would be handled “internally.” But then last night  Weekend Update host Colin Jost introduced Pete during the Weekend Update segment, saying Davidson was there to “set the record straight.”  Pete joked that he makes poor choices, and said “on behalf of the show and myself, I apologize.”  I mean this from the bottom of my heart, he said. “It was a poor choice of words. The man is a war hero, and he deserves all the respect in the world.”  Pete took credit for providing a platform that democrats and republicans could finally agree about: “that I’m a dick,” he said.  With that, the camera panned left to reveal Crenshaw himself sitting at the desk. “Ya think?” he answered. Crenshaw thanked Pete for “making a Republican look good,” and Pete explained how and why Dan got his eye patch in the war. Dan apologized, and took the chance to take throw some metaphoric tomatoes at the apologetic Pete.  He lobbed a few insults Davidson’s way and wrapped with a positive Veterans day message.

Everyone’s happy. Everyone’s friends. It’s all good fun.  Maybe this is a sign that Lorne is taking the show in a more inclusive direction.

Watch the apology below.


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