Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: August 31, 2019

This Labor Day weekend, Saturday Night Live wishes you a “Merry Christmas” with a holiday SNL hosted by Matt Damon!

As Saturday Night Live‘s summer of repeats continues, tonight’s offering at 11:30pm et on NBC is last year’s mid-season finale hosted by Matt Damon from December 15, 2018 which was the highest rated episode of SNL – Season 44. Actually, tonight’s SNL repeat tied for the highest rated Saturday Night Live episode of last season along with the emotional episode hosted by Adam Sandler.

Before we tell you what you’ll see in tonight’s SNL repeat, we should mention what you won’t see, and that’s a lot of cast member Pete Davidson. Back in last December, this was the Saturday when Pete Davidson posted suicidal threats on Instagram and declared, “i actually don’t know how much longer i can last.” It turned out that Pete was in no danger and he was also in no sketches that night either. However at Saturday Night Live, scaring people with suicide isn’t a good enough excuse to get you the night off. Pete did appear in a pre-recorded SNL – Digital Short and introduced one of the performances from musical guests Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus. SNL EP Lorne Michaels gave Pete that simple task just to show the country that he was still alive and well. This all happened 8 months ago, and while he may be acting less disturbing today, Pete Davidson’s behavior is still pretty weird.

Looking at tonight’s Saturday Night Live rerun, it starts with host Matt Damon bringing back a famous SNL character in the cold open. Being the Christmas episode, the SNL opener was still all about Donald Trump, but it had a holiday touch. Alec Baldwin returned to SNL as President Trump in a black & white parody of the Christmas classic “It’s a Wonderful Life.” The entire Trump administration along with other people in Trump’s orbit found out how amazing their lives would be if Donald had never been elected President. This includes new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, impersonated loudly by Matt Damon who first played Kavanaugh in the SNL season premiere episode to rave reviews. Other cameos to look for in tonight’s SNL – Cold Open include Robert De Niro as Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Ben Stiller as Trump lawyer turned federal inmate Michael Cohen.

The cold open is followed by Matt Damon’s SNL monologue which really touched the studio and at-home audience with its holiday sentimentality. Make sure you have a glass of champagne standing by tonight. Matt Damon’s monologue is going to make you want to join him in a Christmas toast.

The sketches and shorts tonight are mostly Christmas themed. They include a pretty disturbing, yet funny sketch about what happens to the ornaments relegated to the back of the Christmas tree. Nothing says “Merry Christmas” more than cast member Aidy Bryant as a homemade macaroni ornament screaming “Kill me now!” There’s also a sketch about a holiday meal that turns ugly all because of the love of Weezer by a couple of the band’s super fans, and a sweet, ball-busting sketch featuring some of New York’s Finest gathering in a bar for some holiday cheer before the cops head home for the night. Plus, there’s an SNL – Digital Short starring Matt Damon as a dad looking back at the end of the day at the most perfect, far-from-perfect Christmas a father and husband could enjoy.

Of course, there’s some comedy on tonight’s SNL repeat that doesn’t involve Christmas. Matt Damon and cast member Cecily Strong play the hosts in a sketch that resembles the Westminster Dog Show, however this show competition is for eligible dads. The “Westminster Daddy Show” puts fathers on display as they parade around the runway showing off their best qualities.

Our favorite sketch from tonight’s Saturday Night Live encore is an SNL – Digital Short called “Oscar Host Auditions.” After Kevin Hart turned down the Academy Awards’ invitation to host the Oscars, the search was on for another comedian to emcee the ceremony. The Saturday Night Live cast brought out their best comedy impressions for this audition sketch. Aidy Bryant conquers a fantastic Hannah Gadsby impression and brings a spot-on Roseanne Barr. Cast member Kate McKinnon does a screechy Michelle Wolf and also the Oscars choice that everyone loves, Ellen DeGeneres. Featured player Ego Nwodim does a perfect Tiffany Haddish impression which includes her catchphrases (“She ready!”) and her trademark gown. And cast member Melissa Villaseñor brings out the best Sarah Silverman impression in the business.

This evening’s Saturday Night Live repeat offers one of the best editions of Weekend Update from all of last season. Anchormen Colin Jost and Michael Che naturally talk about President Trump, but we also get Che’s impression of Trump which everyone can do, except unfortunately, Michael Che. The SNL news team also have plenty to say tonight about Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, former Jersey Gov Chris Christie, Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, the dangers of eating raw cookie dough, the bankrupt Boy Scouts of America, the secret location of “Sex Island”, a snake getting rescued and a study about frogs.

Also on Weekend Update, there’s a visit from featured player Heidi Gardner as “Angel, Every Boxer’s Girlfriend From Every Movie About Boxing Ever” in perhaps her funniest Update appearance yet. Then we get what’s become a hilarious Saturday Night Live end-of-the-year tradition from Colin Jost and Michael Che where they exchange jokes they’ve written for each other to perform without seeing them in advance. This year is no exception. Colin Jost and Michael Che are at the top of their game with this bit.

We’ll also recommend tonight’s SNL repeat for one of its musical performances. Musical guests Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus are joined by Sean Ono Lennon for a holiday classic that will give you the Christmas spirit in time for Labor Day.

We have the promos below for you to enjoy all over again for this SNL encore episode hosted by Matt Damon. First, Matt, Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus as well as cast members Beck Bennett and Cecily Strong all gather for their Secret Santa gift exchange. You can watch it below, but let’s just say Miley lucked out, Mark won’t go hungry and Matt is leaving pissed. In the next set of promos, Matt Damon is joined by Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus again as well as cast member Kate McKinnon who would really like to know where all the great holiday parties are going on. No, really guys, she would. Then, everyone shows their concern for this week’s host who claims he’s fine.

Matt Damon hosts this replay of the SNL – Season 44 mid-season finale with musical guests Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus tonight at 11:30pm et on NBC!

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