Luis J. Gomez, Ian Abramson, Emma Willmann and John Early Among Montreal New Faces of Comedy 2015


Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival has just announced their New Faces of Comedy for the 2015 JFL. These stand-ups will be performing for audiences and industry at the prestigious festival this week.

The repped comedians are Dulce Sloan, Alex Edelman, Jak Knight, John Early, Moses Storm, Ester Steinberg, Jon Rudnitsky, Rob Gleeson, Emma Willmann, Vladimir Caamano, Ian Abramson, Chris Redd, Nate Fernald, Julio Torres, Clayton English, Ashley Barnhill, Langston Kerman, Matthew Broussard, Pat Regan, Leonard Ouzts and Claire Mulaney.

Some of the names on this years list are new to us and others are already good friends.  Big congratulations to Luis J. Gomez who has written for the site, and we’ve been covering his career as long as we’ve been around.  He recently started a new MMA-Comedy themed radio show for SiriusXM, his podcast Legion of Skanks was the first show to be picked up by the Anthony Cumia Network, and he just hosted his first roast for friend and co-host Big Jay Oakerson.

We met Emma Willmann last year when she participated in New York’s Funniest competition at Carolines on Broadway and we’re excited to see J4L giving her recognition.  Ian Abramson has been making a name for himself through his hit show 7 Minutes in Purgatory which originated in Chicago and has been traveling the country ever since.  We talked with Ian just last month when he held a funeral in Los Angeles for his dearly departed mentor and friend, Virgil Soapfloats. He’s weird, he’s wonderful, and everyone should know him.  Leonard Ouzts is featured in Jeffrey Gurian’s column this week and had been killing everywhere he goes.

The unrepped stand-ups are Megan Gailey, Steven Wilber, Tom Brady, Chris Charpentier, Luis J Gomez, Kyle Ayers, Ryan Donahue, Caleb Synan, Rob Haze, Billy Wayne Davis and Abby Rosenquist.

New Faces also does a “Characters” showcase of sketch performers. The 2015 roster includes Alison Rich, Don Fanelli, Will Stephen, Phil Augusta Jackson, Sudi Green, Punam Patel, Matt Barats, John Bander, Lyric Lewis and Marques Ray.

Congratulations to all the new faces, we’ll be covering them all over the next few weeks and look forward to meeting them in Montreal.

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