The Podcast You Absolutely Have to Listen To: Legion of Skanks

Legion of Skanks

“The Podcast You Absolutely Have To Listen To” is a new series where we talk about the  podcasts on the internet you should be checking out.  If you’re living on planet Earth, you already know about the most famous ones– like WTF with Marc Maron, The Adam Carolla Show, The Nerdist, The Joe Rogan Experience, and Comedy Bang Bang.  But there are literally thousands more and we’re combing through them for you, to let you know which ones you should check out first.  

This week, “Legion of Skanks” with Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J. Gomez and Dave Smith

Does going down on your father’s step-brother’s daughter count as incest? Who has the worst ass, Luis or Jay? Who got punked by a guitarist from 3 Days Grace? These questions and more answered on the Podcast You Absolutely Have to Listen to, the Legion of Skanks!

Featuring comedians Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J. Gomez (and don’t you dare forget the “J”), and Dave Smith, the Legion of Skanks discusses literally anything and everything without holding back or self-censoring. In a word, the Legion of Skanks are simply honest. And being so brutally honest about topics like race, sex, etc. in today’s politically correct, apology obsessed culture is a welcome and much-needed breath of fresh air.

Starting out as a self-produced in-home recorded podcast, the Legion of Skanks eventually moved to their current home at the Creek & the Cave comedy club located in Long Island City, NY. Recorded in front of a live audience every Tuesday at 10 p.m., Jay, Luis, & Dave bring on a variety of guests from the comedy world, including Dan Soder, Ari Shaffir, Kurt Metzger, Mike Finoia to laugh & cringe along with them. You can listen to gravelly voiced Luis (after listening to the LoS, your own inner voice will transform into Jay & Dave’s hilarious impression of Luis) read a love poem he wrote at the “tender” age of 24 (episode #20). Or sweat nervously along with the Skanks while they take AIDS tests live on the show, and after hearing the tales of their sexual exploits, you have plenty of reasons to be anxious for them (ep. #75). And who could forget the infamous “All Dude, All Nude” episode (ep. #39) in which Jay, Luis, & Dave, you guessed it, do the entire episode naked?

But the most valuable aspect of the Legion of Skanks is the reason why they are the “Podcast You Absolutely Have to Listen to” for those interested in pursuing a career in comedy. Never before has there been such a tool for young comics where they can sit in on conversations between comedians like Jay, Luis, & Dave while they share inside information on the craft & business of comedy. It’s fascinating to hear them discuss joke writing and how to control audiences and work through difficult sets with the likes of Rich Vos, Bonnie McFarlane (ep. #87), and Andrew Shulz (ep. #101). Hearing Jay, Luis, & Dave talk about working their way up through the open mic circuit to featuring/hosting spots then finally making it to headlining gigs is quite inspiring.

Not bad for a bunch of Skanks.


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Interrobang writer and serotonin enthusiast.
Kyle Adamski
Kyle Adamski
Interrobang writer and serotonin enthusiast.