Just For Laughs in Photos: Friday July 29

There were so many Just For Laughs events to attend on Friday that it was dizzying and we split up to cover as much as we could and saw great shows.  Bernie vs Trump held its last show of the tour in a stunning church, Roast Battle was another sold out event with Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen judging, there was a red carpet event, the Goddamn Comedy Jam, Unmasked with Barry Katz, and Andy Kindler packed out the biggest conference room in the hotel for his State of the Industry Address (where his commentary was very Trump and Hitler focused, with some words for Louis CK, Jay Leno, Ricky Gervais, Lorne Michaels and even Jon Stewart).  But everyone was excited to kick back after midnight and gather at the huge open bar party under the stars at the annual Funny or Die event filled with hundreds of comics and big time industry types.


Tim Dillon was the first comic we saw all day– in fact hours ahead of anyone else. That whole early bird and worm bullshit must be true because Tim is a name everyone is talking about at the festival this year after he tore up the Monument National Theater earlier this week at the New Faces show.  We caught a photo of him out in the square while a troupe of what looks like tiny little crossing guards passed in the background.

vito filming

Always fun to spot Jeffrey Gurian doing interviews for his comedy matters YouTube Channel.


Oh…..Hello!  Nick Kroll and John Mulaney spotted heading out of the lobby in the early afternoon.  We got to see the Oh Hello show on Thursday night, with special guest Janeane Garofalo, and we couldn’t wait to tell them what a blast we had, and they seemed very excited letting us know that Friday’s show had another special guest with the initials J.G.


Ron Bennington shared the stage with industry power manager and producer Barry Katz, for an Episode of Unmasked.  Barry shared some incredible stories about Tracy Morgan, Dave Chappelle, Jay Mohr, Dane Cook and more, as well as some advice for anyone looking to move their career along.


Look at this ridiculously beautiful venue where James Adomian and Anthony Atamanuik held their Bernie vs Trump debate with moderator Andy Kindler!


Spotted The League co-star Steve Rannazzisi on his way to check out the Bernie vs Trump action at Le Balcon.


The streets were busy last night on St. Catherine, but not nearly as busy as Thursday was.


Caught up with the incomparable Ms. Pat much later in the night, when the rest of St. Catherine cleared out considerably.

David Gborie

David Gborie is one of the hot new talents showcased in the Just for Laughs New Faces, and we love him!


Robert Powell was one of the New Faces this year.  He closed out the first New Faces Show with a big bang, a hyped up audience giving him huge love.  He’s also one of the names everyone is talking about when industry folk are huddling together asking the big question “who did you see?”


Joel Kim Booster is another name you’ll hear constantly coming up this year.  He had a flawless set earlier in the week when he opened the first New Faces show- and he’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.


Andy Fiore was hanging out at the Funny or Die party with Ali Breen, bathed in a weird red light.


Michelle Wolf is so busy this week. She was at the DNC, then rushed up for Just for Laughs and she looked amazing and oddly better rested than the rest of us.  She’s on Variety’s Top 10 to Watch list.


Now you know why the streets were empty- everyone was at the Funny or Die party!


Brad Williams might be the unofficial life of every party.  Here he is with Tone Bell, and Rojo Perez!

mike judge holding court

Mike Judge always had a crowd around him at Just for Laughs!



Brian Regan looking fantastic at the party somewhere around 3am.


Deon Cole and Lil Rel were hanging out at the party and why shouldn’t they?  They are quickly becoming television stars, with lots more to come.


The comedy power in this picture is overwhelming. We found Tom Rhodes and Barry Crimmins shooting the shit with Jimmy Kimmel at the Funny or Die Party.  And everyone of you wishes you could have been sitting in on this conversation.


The two Jeffries- Gurian and Ross both had tremendous nights!  Jeffrey Gurian had a huge walk on at the La Gesu theater with “Oh Hello” to reprise his Too Much Tuna role, and help announce the huge news that Oh Hello is coming to BrudWAY or as you might know it, Broadway.  And Jeffrey Ross had just finished taping another star studded great night of his new show, Jeff Ross Presents: Roast Battle on Comedy Central. Unfortunately, Jeffrey Gurian stole all the focus right out of the camera in this photo. But we still love it.  And remember, when you’re taking photos, always take two!

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