Just for Laughs in Photos Wednesday July 27

Just for laughs in photos

We’ve been here all week, but the real rush of the comedy superstars smashed into Montreal at full force today and you can’t throw a rock without hitting someone funny.

Wednesday, we watched comedy’s New Faces erupt at Montreal’s oldest theater- Monument National, showing off the next wave in comedy, and later checked out the biggest stars fill the room at the hottest ticket in town as Comedy Central taped the first episode of Roast Battle- (you can watch it Thursday night). At 2am, we stumbled into the Netflix party which was jam packed and spilling onto the balcony. We shared poutine with the funniest people in America and managed to get a few photos along the way.

netflix party

The crowd at the Netflix Party at 2am, still going strong despite that all the Schwartz’s smoked meats were long gone, and the poutine was down to scraps.  Somehow we saw Rich Vos manage to get one of the last bowls of fries.

rich vos and chris cubas

Before grabbing the last bowl of poutine, Rich Vos posed for a photo with Roast Battle combatant Chris Cubas out in front of the Hyatt.

big jay bert kreisher christine marie evans

Christine Marie Evans, Bert Kreischer and Big Jay Oakerson led us to the secret elevator up to the Netflix party. Jay did warm up at the Roast Battle, and may have had the most shocking, despicable, hilarious joke of the night. And Happy Birthday Christine!

the wave

The tireless All Negro Wave poses with Brian Moses on set after the first Roast Battle taping. Bottom left, Willie Hunter, top left Jamar Neighbors, bottom right Jeremiah Watkins, with Brian Moses at top right.

jeffrey gurian jb smoov

Jeffrey Gurian stops for a moment to pose with his good friend, J.B. Smoove.

New York Comedy Club Crew at JFL

The New York Comedy Club crew hanging out on the terrace circa 3am at the Netflix Party. (l to r) Kristina Thompson, Andrew Tomlinson, Emilio Savone, comedian Daniel Tirado, Amy Hawthorne.

christie chiello and sara tollemache

Two women who killed Wednesday night. Left, Christi Chiello bravely took on the #1 seed in Comedy Central Roast Battle- Jimmy Carr- and made a strong impression on judges Kevin Hart and David Spade. Right, Sarah Tollemache who gave a stand out performance the New Faces Show at Monument National.

jesus trejo

Jesus Trejo got raves from the audience and industry for his performance at the New Faces showcase at Monument National.

nouilles de lan zhou

Nouilles de lan Zhou. Chinatown.  Excellent. But not very funny.

More coverage to come all week including Jeffrey Gurian’s daily reports, wrap ups on individual shows and more!


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