Our Comedian of the Year, Jim Jefferies Tells Piers Morgan to “F**K Off” on Explosive Real Time

The fireworks flew on Friday night’s live Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO. The combustible elements were a discussion about President Donald Trump’s policies between two people who neither of which are American citizens, Jim Jefferies and the DailyMail.com’s Piers Morgan (formerly of CNN).

Jefferies joined Bill Maher’s panel which included Morgan, filmmaker John Waters and MoveOn.org’s Karine Jean-Pierre, later in the show and it didn’t take too long for the Aussie comic and the British tabloid website editor to go at it over the actions that President Trump has taken in the White House so far. But when Piers Morgan declared that Donald Trump’s executive order to immediately ban immigrants from entering the U.S. from several predominately Muslim nations, was “not a Muslim ban,” that was the moment that Jim Jefferies took the conversation to a new level of intensity. Jefferies told Morgan, “Oh fuck off”, than adding “This is what you do, Piers. You say ‘He hasn’t done this, he hasn’t done that, he’s not going to do all these things’. Give him a fucking chance mate – Hitler didn’t kill the Jews on the first day, he worked up to it.”

Piers Morgan chalked Jim Jefferies’ comments up to the same “ridiculous, hysterical over-the-top nonsense,” that he also accused U.S. Democrats of putting out in the media. He also said, that the anti-Trump groups need to take a “chill pill” and to “save the outrage”, until the President actually did something outrageous. After Piers’ “nonsense” comment, the discussion left the realm of politics altogether when Jefferies destroyed Piers Morgan with the line, “You just like that you won The Apprentice and you have a famous friend, mate,” referring to Piers Morgan winning the 2008 season of The Celebrity Apprentice.

Piers tried to throw back on Jefferies by saying the comedian had lost his audience due to being “unpleasant”. The studio audience answered that question for everyone with a resounding round of applause and cheers for Jefferies. At this point, Bill Maher was moving into his end-of-the-show “New Rules” segment and had to put a stop to the back-and-forth, but not before Jim Jefferies got in one more gesture, by flipping Piers Morgan off. President Trump may keep saying “America First”, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the attention of Australia, Great Britain and the rest of the world as well.

You can watch the heated exchange between Jim Jefferies and Piers Morgan below and also see the tweets that Piers Morgan has put out since the show. And if you’re still iffy about watching the video, just take another Brit, J.K. Rowling’s word for it below.

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