Comedy Bits: This Week in Comedy News, Wins for Ali Wong, Kara Klenk, Wyatt Cenac, Bob Saget, Losses For Pete Holmes, Louis C.K., Aziz Ansari, Bill Cosby

This week in comedy, news was all over the place with a few stories orbiting women’s history month including some inter-gender bickering. The big story was the clash ignited by Stormy Daniels announcing that she was going to headline a comedy club. Some comics thought it was a classless move and a twitter post by Laurie Kilmartin set off a major debate. Comedian Alia Janine, who has the experience of being a comedian, a porn star and has a B.A. in psychology wrote an op ed for us on the whole kerfuffle. Roseanne kicked up some dirt when she called some women ‘hos on a podcast, particularly women who have had #metoo stories. In more positive International Women’s Day news, Showtime announced the release of a comedy special featuring Women of a Certain Age. The trailer dropped for Mindy Kalings female centric indie Late Night and Comedy Central said there’s an Emily Heller special on the way and we celebrated a release from Steph Tolev. On to the male side of things- Bam Margera made comedy news this week. He’s supposed to be on a mini tour of the northeast, and doing some press stops along the way. Things were going well until he no-showed a press stop and one of his shows, bitched out his wife on Instagram, and then had a public meltdown at Westside comedy club. The Simpsons broke their seemingly firm policy of not apologizing for comedy by scrubbing the episode featuring Michael Jackson’s voice from their library. You won’t be singing Happy Birthday Lisa anymore. Comedy Central announced a lineup for Clusterfest, a Mad About You revival is a go, and Twitter reacts to Pete Davidson’s tongue.

Despite all the news we covered there was a lot of news that we didn’t cover, and so here’s everything we missed, in brief.

HBO cancelled Crashing on Friday. After three seasons of seeing Pete Holmes build his comedy career from open mic to opening for John Mulaney, there will be no season four. Judd Apatow made the announcement on a Conan appearance Thursday night and HBO made it official on Friday. Holmes wrote a four part tweet expressing a very Christian gratitude for the run of the show and thanked everyone who was a part of the series. Source: Twitter.

Amber Tamblyn scolded Aziz Ansari, ripped Louis C.K., and shamed the American public in her new book that came out this week: “Era of Ignition: Coming of Age in a Time of Rage and Revolution.” Both comedians had their worlds turned over in the last year over allegations of shitty conduct towards women. Tamblyn felt they both had shameful responses to the women who called them out. “Aziz laid low for a few months, only to reemerge later, untouched and ready for another international comedy tour,” she wrote. She blames both Ansari and his fans, saying the American public is already so hungry for a backlash to the #metoo movement that they were willing to call the Aziz allegations “nothing more than a bad date”. As for C.K., Tamblyn applauded his apology and his promise to sit back for a long time and listen. She says his unannounced return to comedy without a word of remorse was a failure to meet that promise. “Instead, he dog whistled with a rape whistle joke, as if signaling that he owed nothing to anyone – no explanation – no comment, no recourse – and neither did other men like him.” Tamblyn’s book is on sale now. Source: Radar Online.

Pete Davidson keeping up with his tradition of adding lots of ink to his body with a new tattoo of a giant unicorn that he was getting while his new girlfriend Kate Beckinsale went out to dinner with her mom to celebrate her mothers birthday. Source: Instagram.

Looks like abusers gotta stick together. Bill Cosby is offering a hand to disgraced (and arrested) singer R. Kelly in a time of trouble. When Cosby heard about R Kelly’s publicist getting roughed up by the media, Cosby told his wife Camille “’When R. Kelly gets out, tell him that we will personally pay Andrew [Wyatt] to be a crisis manager for his crisis manager.’” He called R. Kelly’s crisis manager incompetent and said he got pushed around like a hobo at a press conference. Source: Radar Online.

This week HBO announced that its critically lauded late-night docuseries Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas returns with a ten-episode second season Friday April 5 at 11pm. Cenac offers his unique perspective on topics from the trivial to the impactful, mixing in-studio commentary, comedic segments and documentary-style field reports. The new season will focus on education in America. Segments planned include a look into teacher pay, student mental health, the school to prison pipeline and more. Cenac will visit West Virginia, Oregon, California, Minnesota and other areas around the country to learn how communities navigate issues facing public education. While education today serves as the season’s primary focus, WYATT CENAC’S PROBLEM AREAS will address other issues, including the unionization of fast-food workers and the potential dangers of facial recognition software, as well as comedic solutions to lighter topics, such as how to get more steps in at the office or how to teach kids practical skills, like filing taxes.

Bob Saget’s return to America’s Funniest Video is coming soon, and ABC will air a first look at the more adult-oriented version of the show on March 12 at 10pm after the conclusion of the Bachelor. Titled, “Videos After Dark“, the hour-long episode will center on videos from Vin Di Bona’s vast video vault, highlighted by Saget’s comedic commentary and catered to a more mature audience. “Videos After Dark” reunites Vin Di Bona and Bob Saget in a show where the videos will be just a little bit less family friendly- harder hits, language that isn’t appropriate for prime time, and the series wil llean more on embarrasing moments than adorable kids and pets.

Ali Wong has signed on to voice the lead in a VR project titled “Bonfire.” No this isn’t the Big Jay Oakerson and Dan Soder story. It’s a choose your own adventure Virtual Reality story/game. Ali Wong will voice a robot named Debbie who is sidekick to a Space Scout. She’s on a mission to discover a new home for the human race and the action starts after Debbie crash-lands on a planet with no source of light other than a bonfire. Source: Deadline

Walton Goggins is starring in a new comedy pilot for CBS. Goggins will play a devoted single father to two young girls who his finding himself lost in the world after his wife dies. When his friends persuade him to start dating again, he discovers to his shock that he’s kind of a hot commodity, if only he knew what the hell he was doing. The last time we saw Walton Goggins he was busy crushing it in one of the best comedy series of the last five years opposite Danny McBride in Vice Principals. Source: Variety

The director of Wedding Crashers, David Dobkin will direct the Netflix comedy “Eurovision,” starring Will Ferrell. Ferrell is also co-writing the script for the comedy which centers on the Eurovision Song Contest, the longest-running annual international TV song competition. Source: Variety.

Amy Aniobi who is a producer on HBO’s critically acclaimed series Insecure just signed an overall deal at HBO for two years. She’ll continue to EP on Insecure in season four, she’s writing a series with Issa Rae called The Dolls, and she’s developing another comedy series, Attachment, which focuses on an Indian-American tech CEO who is living in close quarters in NYC with her mother while her mother mulls divorce. Source: THR.

More HBO news. The network picked up a new comedy series “Run” which follows Ruby, who gets at text that disrupts her dull life. The text invites her to take a leap outside of her own life and go on an adventure with an old flame. The series will star Merritt Wever as Ruby, and Domhnall Gleeson as a successful life guru from a wealthy Irish family. Phoebe Waller-Bridge will EP and have a recurring role.

Comedian Kara Klenk releases her debut comedy album ‘Undefeated’ on Friday via aspecialthing Records. Taped live in her old NY stomping grounds with cover illustration by “Sweet Valley Twins” artist James Mathewuse. Her stand-up shines bright in her stories about her appearance on Dateline, being rich people adjacent, dance schools, lost cats and crazy people in New York, the pop trickery of Christian music, and more. Klenk is a stand up comic, writer, and actor based in Los Angeles by way of New York where she was named by Time Out New York as one of the Top 10 Funniest Women in NYC. She has appeared all over television and the Internet and has written for Comedy Central, Netflix, MTV, TVLand and Nickelodeon. Kara is the co-host of the live comedy show Better Half alongside husband Jared Logan. She also produces/hosts a long-running standup show If You Build It at the Upright Citizens’ Brigade Theaters in NYC and LA.

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