Emily Heller Will Be the First Comic to Release an Original Hour on Comedy Central Digital; More News From CC

Comedy Central is investing more resources in digital platforms.

Comedy Central is releasing its first ever digital-only stand up special. National headlining comedian Emily Heller’s first hour, “Ice Thickeners” debuts on Comedy Central Digital March 8. This will be the brand’s first original one-hour special to premiere exclusively on a digital platform. Heller is a great choice to launch the new arm, Heller is a killer on stage and is way overdue for some love from networks. She taped the hour in Seattle and it will release on International Women’s Day and she’ll take on topics like rudeness (if you’ve ever seen Emily, you know she’s all for it), fitness goals (not feeling it) and what its like to be your therapists favorite patient.

CC is also investing more resources into YouTube with a new expansion of the network’s digital presence. An all new Comedy Central Originals YouTube channel will bring plenty of new and returning series, pilots and stand up to all of your devices.

To show that they are serious about digital, a trailer shows upcoming scripted and unscripted content: Sex Fails, Sketches, Mini Mocks, Gummy Animals, and both familiar and new faces. Besides Emily, you’ll also see Shane Torres, Joel Kim Booster, Emmy Blotnick, Tim Dillon, Petey Deabreu, Casey James Salengo, and more.

Sketch series “wellRed Comedy” combines a few things you might not have seen before- real life millennials and progressives who grew up in the South. The show parodies small town America and biased presumptions about the bottom half of the country. “wellRed Comedy” premiered last week. In the talk show category comes “Comedians Solve World Problems” where four comics talk about it all. Debuting on March 11, the show will also have nine other international versions.

Shane Torres who became famous for defending Guy Fieri in a viral late night set has a new show coming to the platform on March 15 where he helps his buddies to conquer their fear through immersion therapy. In season one, he will help Molly Austin confront a live python, Pete DeAbreu will put a baby hedgehog to bed, and Casey James Salengo faces a more common fear- rejection. The series is titled “Shane Torres Conquers Your Fears.”

On March 19th, rising comedy star Joel Kim-Booster co-hosts “UNSEND” which looks at all of the worst the internet has to offer. Joel and co-host Patti Harrison will cover it all and interview celebrities about their own cringeworthy internet moments.

Finally on April 5th, the platform will roll out “My Least Favorite Thing”, which sends Zach Bornstein to meet celebrities preparing to do something they hate.

The platform is currently developing a debate series “Agree to Disagree”, there’s something called “Mad Memes” in the works plus two series animating storytelling– “Sex Fails” featuring animations of comics lowest sexual moments, and “Tales From the Trip” animating comics psychedelic drug stories.

There are also some existing series coming to the channel. “After Hours w/ Josh Horowitz” returns with some big celebs like Liam Hemsworth, Tiffany Haddish, James McAvoy, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Anna Kendrick. “As Seen on CC” which his currently available on Facebook Watch is back, “Comedy Central Stand Up Featuring” has a Season 2 continuing to spotlight a new up-and-coming comedian each Tuesday and Thursday weekly. This season will feature Kiry Shabazz, Vanessa Gonzalez, Ron Taylor, Brendan Scannell, Gavin Matts, Jordan Temple, Paige Weldon, Patti Harrison, Dave Ross, Chase Bernstein, Danny Jolles, Biniam Bizuneh and Barbara Gray. Connor Ratliff is back with “Dollar Store Therapist.” If you miss the days when David Letterman pioneered interviewing weirdos with weird hobbies, you might like “Mini-Mocks” which is already a viral hit. “Thank You, Goodnight” follows comedians in New York as they make their way from club to club trying to get stage time and get to the stage on time. Season two features Emmy Blotnick, Tim Dillon and Nore Davis and debuts on March 11. “That’s An App?” is back with more parody commercials, and Tim Duffy brings back “The Foley Artist” which is exactly what it sounds like. And finally, the channel will bring back “You Didn’t Wanna Know”, a PSA parody series.

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