Bam Margera Loses His Shit at West Side Comedy Club

Bam Margera exploded at his manager Thursday night at New York City’s West Side Comedy Club in New York City over an apparent miscommunication in what time Margera was set to go on stage at the club. In a video obtained by TMZ, you can hear the famous Jackass alum call his manager a fucking pussy and threaten to smash his fucking face. Where is everybody he asks, apparently referencing the lack of an audience. He was an hour late for his early show and two hours early for his late show. “Take me home! Now!” he screams in the vestibule outside the showroom. “Take me home now before I stab you in your fucking face” he yells holding up a beer bottle.

Margera was set to headline two shows that promised comedy and storytelling at the Upper West Side comedy club, one at 7pm and one at 10pm. He didn’t show up until 8pm. Both of his sets were cancelled.

Earlier in the day BAM was a no-show for The Anthony Cumia Show on Compound Media. The podcast network had publicized Margera as a guest on the show but then the show came and went with no mention of an appearance, and social media references to his expected guest spot are no longer anywhere to be seen. BAM did appear on the popular Cumtown podcast but his Instagram shows signs of trouble earlier in the day. All seemed well yesterday- BAM is all smiles posing with his wife and kid, and attempting to prank one of his friends, but then today he posted two angry videos to his Instagram account referencing wife, Nikki. In the first he says his wife left him and “went back with my Range Rover.” Later he calls her a “street ho” and says she took all his credit cards and went back home. According to the post, she took all his credit cards leaving him unable to check into his hotel.

Margera is currently on a tour of the Northeast.

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