Toronto-L.A. Comedian Steph Tolev Celebrates Her New Album in New York!

Our next Comedy Records showcase happens this Monday (March 4) at New York Comedy Club’s Gramercy location! As always the lineup will feature a mix of Canadian and U.S. comics but this month’s show will also serve as a release party for Steph Tolev’s new album, I’m Not Well.

The LP was recorded at Comedy Bar in her hometown of Toronto and debuted at the top of the iTunes Comedy Charts on March 1. We originally connected with Tolev when she moved to Los Angeles three years ago to find out how the Toronto and LA Comedy Scenes compared.

Since then she’s quickly established herself, working on projects with Comedy Central and earning regular stage time in some of the area’s more respected rooms. Interrobang spoke with Tolev to get an update on the move and hear some perspective on a Canadian Comic living in LA.

The Interrobang: What’s been the best part of living in Los Angeles?

Steph Tolev: The god damned tacos. $5 to get nice and full and I tell myself they are healthy, plus I have a budding relationship with my taco stand guy, Juan. He’s the closest thing I have to a boyfriend out here. He added me on FB a few months ago and some times our chats are a TAD inappropriate other times he gives me free tacos.

The Interrobang: What’s been the worst part about living in Los Angeles?

Steph Tolev: Besides my taco stand guy I would say dating out here. I know this is as hack as saying the traffic but it drives me fucking insane. Online and meeting people in real life are both very bad in this city. I guess men see me and think they can get a girl without a double chin but it ain’t gonna happen. I met a guy recently, went back to his house, started fooling around then he showed me his GUNS that he insisted I held (now covered in my finger prints) then ghosted me. I feel like if I hold your revolver, naked in your house I at least deserve the respect of a text back the next day.

The Interrobang: What are some things you’ve done in comedy in LA that you couldn’t have in Toronto?

Steph Tolev: Oh Boy! So many!! I got to showcase and become one of Comedy Central’s comics to watch last year, do a guest role on Corporate, have several meetings with really cool companies and people, get to audition in front of huge casting directors and pitch a bunch of stuff to people who can actually get things made. Deb Digiovanni and myself are currently working on a 3 part Digital series with Comedy Central right now that I feel like it wouldn’t even have been looked at if I wasn’t out here. Plus meeting and working with some amazing comedians from all over the states.

The Interrobang: Who are some of local comics you’ve become fans of?

Steph Tolev: They aren’t local from LA, but they are local to here now. My favs are Ever Mainard, Daniel Webb, Simin Gibson, Caleb Synan and Dave Ross. They all make me laugh real damn hard and are also very nice people. I like nice.

The Interrobang: What are some of your favourite LA spots to perform?

Steph Tolev: Stories on Saturday nights for the Good Heroin show is amazing, Brew Ha Ha that’s tucked away in someone’s backyard is unreal and most recently Dynasty Typewriter has become a new fav, plus there is always parking!!

The Interrobang: What can people expect from your new album?

Steph Tolev: Gross, real, honest stuff. If you like vagina jokes and hearing me complain about being a bigger gal and dealing with insane family members you might like it! If you don’t, I mean still get the album I need the sales.

The Interrobang: Where do you see yourself living three years from now?

Steph Tolev: I would like to say in deep in the woods with 14 golden retrievers and a sexy lumber jack man who’s twice my size (since I only ever get small guys) but realistically I think still in my same apartment in Little Armenia. I’m too close to the 101 to even think about moving.

You can check out Steph Tolev and friends at her album release party this Monday (March 4) at New York Comedy Club Gramercy. Tickets are $10 at with promo code NAFTA.

Her album, I’m not Well is available now across all digital platforms.

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