Who Is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: September 22, 2018

It’s the last Saturday Night Live rerun of the summer and it’s hosted by SNL’s golden boy, Will Ferrell!

After tonight, the final week countdown is on to the brand new season of Saturday Night Live. Next Saturday, September 29th, SNL – Season 44 premieres with host Adam Driver and musical guest Kanye West. The announcement of the first host and musical guest of the new season was made during this past Monday’s Primetime Emmy Awards hosted by SNL‘s Colin Jost and Michael Che. And that wasn’t the only last minute announcement marking changes at Saturday Night Live. First, congratulations to Mikey Day, Melissa Villaseñor and Alex Moffat who this season will be promoted from featured cast members to full repertory players. It feels like this should have happened a long time ago seeing as how all three have weeks where they dominate the sketches, but that’s, of course, the system that Lorne Michaels has in place as he grows new talent.

Next, speaking of new talent, sketch and improv performer and actor Ego Nwodim was announced as the latest addition to the Saturday Night Live cast as a featured player. Someone was needed to fill the spot left by former player Luke Null who only survived one season in the tumultuous high-speed world of Saturday Night Live. There was also an announcement on changes to the SNL writers’ room that happened this week. If you want to learn more about Ego Nwodim and the four new SNL writers joining the cast for Season 44, we have all that information here on the Interrobang. We also look forward to hearing SNL announcer Darrell Hammond try to pronounce Ego’s name next weekend.

Focusing on tonight’s Saturday Night Live repeat, it’s hosted by perhaps the most popular person to have ever graduated from SNL, Will Ferrell. For seven seasons, Will Ferrell created memorable characters and starred in sketches that are still quoted today. He joined the cast for the 1995 – 1996 SNL Season 21. It was a year when all but 5 of the main cast members left the show. It was a huge rebuilding season and Ferrell is credited with helping Saturday night Live regain some of its lost popularity during this awkward growing time. Tonight’s repeat is from January 27, 2018 and it was Will Ferrell’s 4th time hosting Saturday Night Live. This episode is also marked as the most popular and most watched show of the past season.

As soon as the lights went up and this episode of SNL went live this past January, everyone knew they were in for a great show. Live from a replica of the Oval Office he keeps in his Texas’ basement, was former President George W. Bush, one of the more iconic characters invented by Will Ferrell during his time on Saturday Night Live. Bush 43 was back and tried to explain how everyone had forgotten how much he sucked at the job of being President and told us not to panic over how badly the current chief exec Donald J. Trump tenure in the White House is going. It’s a real notch in the belt of President Trump to make the country long for the simple fake cowboy ways of George W. Bush again. And the monologue is completely Will Ferrell who has never shied away from anything messy and physical. Ferrell does his entire opening remarks with a vicious bloody head wound and tries to hold it together until he leaves the stage via a gurney.

Tonight’s repeat episode of Saturday Night Live includes a couple of SNL – Digital Shorts. In one of the shorts, cast members Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett are back as their reality show characters David and Brian with another episode of “The House” featuring Will Ferrell as a special guest, which also includes another special guest that will make the audience pop. The other SNL – Digital Short is a parody commercial for a new men’s deodorant called “Next: For Men” designed specifically for men who are sweating out the #MeToo movement in the workplace.

The sketches re-airing tonight in this summer’s final SNL rerun go from cute, to hysterical to some times bizarre. One sketch featuring Will Ferrell as a fighter pilot which will make you never hear the phrase “clown penis” the same again. That’s only if you’re hearing the phrase “clown penis” quite a bit already. Another sketch stars Will Ferrell and cast member Kate McKinnon as an elderly couple trying to get their lines right in a TV commercial right. There are so many things that Kate McKinnon excels at on stage that one that might get overlooked is how great she is at playing an old person. Tonight is a prime example of that talent.

Other sketches tonight include Ferrell as an office manager who has disastrously mixed up “Crate & Barrel” with “Cracker Barrel”, a flight attendant who only has doom to announce to his passengers during the in-flight instructions, and as a reality star along with cast member Cecily Strong who goes to a hometown reunion looking to start trouble. Also, there’s a restaurant sketch that takes on one of the most divisive stories in the news at the time that this episode aired when Aziz Ansari was being accused of sexual assault by a woman who dated him briefly.

Watching Weekend Update tonight, we’re going to feel how long the summer of SNL repeats has really been. It’s like the Trump Administration has gone into overdrive on wackiness in the past few weeks, if that’s even possible and a weary nation will be very happy to see Weekend Update anchors and SNL co-head writers Colin Jost and Michael Che return next week to unleash their comedy at Trump and his cohorts on our behalf. As for tonight’s episode, Jost and Che take on the then-possibility of a government shutdown, a Paris zoo baboon escape, the upcoming Super Bowl between the Eagles and the Patriots, the shirtless Tongan Olympic flag bearer and a comparison between President Donald Trump and McDonald’s Hamburglar. There is also a visit to the Weekend Update news desk from a new character played by featured player Heidi Gardner who will own this show one day. She plays Bailey Gismert, a teen with her own YouTube channel who will be making Oscar predictions. The nice thing about SNL reruns is we get to see if her predictions come true, that is if she ever gets to them. And Jost and Che are also visited by an old favorite Update character when Will Ferrell reprises his role as Jacob Silj who suffers from “Voice Immodulation Syndrome” and can’t control the VOLUME OF HIS OWN VOICE!!

In the promos for tonight’s final SNL hiatus repeat, first we get a quick montage of host Will Ferrell’s funniest SNL moments. Next, it’s cast member Leslie Jones acting out most of those moments while doing impressions of Will Ferrell and his characters. Finally, we find out that Will and musical guest Chris Stapleton are quite the wine connoisseurs.

Will Ferrell hosts the last Saturday Night Live repeat of the summer of 2018, tonight at 11:30pm on NBC with musical guest Chris Stapleton.

And next week SNL returns LIVE! on Saturday, September 29th with the premiere of Saturday Night Live – Season 44 and host Adam Driver and musical guest Kanye West!

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