Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: July 6, 2018

It’s Christmas in July tonight on a repeat Saturday Night Live hosted by “Aquaman” star Jason Momoa!

This weekend during Saturday Night Live‘s long summer vacation, SNL isn’t thinking beaches, fireworks and cookouts. On this hot summer night, the late night variety series is thinking Santa Claus, sleigh rides and Christmas trees. Tonight’s SNL repeat at 11:30pm et on NBC brings back that yuletide feeling with an episode from last Christmas season.

Hosting tonight’s repeat is Jason Momoa who was a perfect pick as a first-time Saturday Night Live host last December. At the time, his movie “Aquaman” was a big success at the box office despite being a superhero movie that wasn’t part of the Marvel Universe. On top of that, he came to SNL while enjoying some major fan power from his days on “Game of Thrones” where he played Khal Drogo, a chieftain of a Dothraki khalasar on the HBO action drama that was wrapping up its series run at the height of its popularity.

Tonight’s SNL encore originally aired on Saturday, December 8, 2018 and the Saturday Night Live writers wasted no time breaking out their Christmas material. Five holiday sketches are on the bill for tonight’s repeat. The Christmas sketches tonight include a new take on “The Elf on the Shelf” where host Jason Momoa plays Scrappy, an elf who’s seen way too much from his vantage point on the shelf while the boy he’s been assigned to by Santa goes through puberty and learns about self-gratification.

Later in tonight’s repeat, the holiday theme continues with Jason Momoa and featured cast member Heidi Gardner playing a couple meeting their daughter’s boyfriend (cast member Beck Bennett) who really, really wants to impress them during their Christmas vacation. Also this evening, SNL parodies Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” which includes Momoa as an extra holiday ghost who’s just “so much extra.” Then Cecily Strong brings back her recurring character “Gemma” for an annoying sleigh ride through the snow in another holiday-themed sketch.

Plus, Pete Davidson gets a starring role as “Rudolph” in a sketch featuring Santa’s team of sleigh-pulling reindeer. We find that Rudy has let fame go to his head after saving Christmas for Santa and the all the children of the world. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer has not forgotten his days of being bullied and it’s payback time.

Aside from tonight’s Christmas comedy, the SNL – Cold Open stars cast members Mikey Day and Alex Moffat, back as the Trump first sons, Donald Jr. and Eric. In this evening’s repeat opener, Eric Trump can’t get to sleep in his race car bed even after DTJ reads him “’Twas the Night Before Christmas” because he’s worried about the Bogeyman is in his closet. It’s not the Bogeyman. It’s scarier. It’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller in one of Robert De Niro’s many cameos this past SNL season. Who knew last December that Eric Trump really didn’t have anything to fear from Bogeyman Mueller?

Jason Momoa’s monologue tonight is done barefoot and in pink leather pants. That may be different for an SNL host’s monologue, but the show does go back to its standard practice of giving a first-time host some back up from the cast and a musical monologue to perform. Momoa is joined by cast members Kenan Thompson, Leslie Jones and Chris Redd where they perform some “Aqua Boogie” by P-Funk in honor of their host Aquaman.

One sketch tonight returns to Jason Momoa’s “Game of Thrones” roots. His “GoT” character gets his own talk show in this SNL sketch with “Khal Drogo’s Ghost Dojo.” The guests appearing on this gory version of a day time talker are some of the many characters killed off on “Game of Thrones.” If you’ve been beheaded on “GoT‘, you’ve got a good chance of getting booked on the “Ghost Dojo.”

We get two SNL – Digital Shorts on tonight’s Saturday Night Live rerun. The first is a parody spot for “G.E.’s Big Boy Home Appliances“, the man-sized housewares that feed men’s fragile egos while doing housework. It’s the appliance answer to the #MeToo movement. The next SNL – Digital Short is becoming a popular recurring bit for Saturday Night Live. The short, “Them Trumps” is a mash-up of America’s First Family and the FOX TV hit “Empire” featuring Kenan Thompson as the orange-haired President. The short shows a whole new reality when the Trumps are people of color.

In tonight’s repeat, Weekend Update focuses on the Mueller Investigation and the indictments handed down to Donald Trump’s personal fixer Michael Cohen. Other news items getting the SNL – Weekend Update treatment tonight from co-anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che include the President’s tweets, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly calling it quits, President George H.W. Bush’s funeral, greenhouse emissions, Kevin Hart telling the Oscars to find another host, a controversy with “The Little Mermaid” and Chinese bullfighting.

Also during this edition of Weekend Update, Michael Che moves from the anchor position to correspondent to do a special report on bidets. Plus, we get to see the debut of cast member Aidy Bryant’s hilarious, new recurring Update character, “7th Grade Travel Expert Carrie Krum.” Carrie delights the audience and frustrates Michael Che with her travel stories which turn out to simply be trips to visit her relatives.

We have the promos for tonight’s SNL rerun from last December for you to check out again. In the first released promo, host Jason Momoa is an action star / NBC page who must discover and deliver some important Saturday Night Live intel. Next up, Leslie Jones joins the host with his musical guests Mumford & Sons to complete the holy trinity of Momoa, Mumford and “Mama”!

Aquaman” and “Game of Thrones” star Jason Momoa hosts tonight’s Saturday Night Live repeat with musical guests, Mumford & Sons at 11:30pm et on NBC.

New Saturday Night Live episodes return this fall with the premiere of SNL – Season 45 in September!

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