Watch Liza Treyger’s Take Down of Bernie Sanders on MSNBC

Liza Treyger just might be the new queen of the rant. We already loved her for her killer takedown of the male side of comedy audiences on Gail Meets Girls last year, and her brilliant take on the female orgasm on Netflix’s The Degenerates. Last night she delivered a new progressive take on Senator Bernie Sanders on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber.

Treyger appeared with Chef Tom Colicchio on The Beat with Ari and Harry Smith to talk about who needs to fall back. Liza picked two topics for Fall Back Friday- starting with a light cut down of anyone who has been criticizing the Fiji Water Girl from last Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony.

Then things got more intense as Treyger called out Bernie Sanders, telling him its time for him to fade into the background. “Your year was 2016 and it really wasn’t, please get away from us.” Treyger said. “It’s not going to happen. I think you’re disheveled, you’re unlikeable and your pushy,” she said adding that the Senator shouldn’t be leading anybody. “You couldn’t control your campaign and what your employees were doing and harassing and paying women unfairly in your campaign i don’t know why you would lead your country or think you can.” Treyger says the future is all about young female candidates, especially women of color. “We need men to get as excited about women as women are and that’s the only way to do real change. I’m sorry guys I’m just sick of old white dudes. Go away.”

We love Liza because she’s a quadruple threat- angry, funny, smart, and most of all fearless. If you haven’t watched her Degenerates special its available on Netflix, and you can catch her appearance on Gail Meets Girls on itunes.

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