Liza Treyger and Annie Lederman on an All New Gail Meets Girls

Today on an all new Gail Meets Girls, Gail sits down with stand up comedians Liza Treyger and Annie Lederman in a must-listen episode that is incredibly revealing. The girls reveal a readiness to throw away any semblance of politeness and raise hell going forward. It’s a remarkably eye-opening hour about how women really feel about their place in the universe.

Treyger lets out an explosive rant saying that she’s sick over the results of the election and she’s done catering to comedy audiences or colleagues who come into the clubs with Trump ideology and attitude. Whether you agree with her or not, you’ll want to hear what she has to say.

“I shut them down,” she says, starting an epic rant that covers everything from entitlement to dick size. “I immediately let the men know this is not their time. And then I talk about tiny dicks and how they’re disgusting and then they fucking shut up.” She continued. “And I don’t perform for them anymore. I don’t care. I tell them to uncross their arms, I tell them to take their foot off the fucking stage, and I’m done. I’m not pretending that feminism isn’t about hating men anymore. I full on hate you now. I perform for the women.” And that was only the beginning. Treyger lets out some serious statements throughout the hour about white male entitlement, mediocrity, and other behavior that she’s sick of. “It’s sickening and I’m done with it. I’m done being patient.”

Lederman is just as fed up with double standards, male privilege and more, pointing out how much violence in our culture comes from a belief among many men that they deserve whatever it is they want. “They feel entitled to all of us and so when we reject them- the fucking guy who shot up Santa Monica- cause you’re entitled to all of us and how dare someone beneath them say no to them.”

You’ll also hear the girls discuss their first time on stage, hell gigs, and why self deprecation is a bad idea.

Don’t miss this episode. It’s riveting.

Gail Meets Girls is a new podcast that sets out to find out what’s on the minds of women comics everywhere.  Taking the theory that women speak differently when the men aren’t around. The podcast brings a very different angle to the podcastverse.  You only have to listen to one episode to see that there’s something to the theory.  Every episode is different, full of surprises and really killer conversation. In addition to hosting, Gail Bennington currently co-hosts SiriusXM’s Bennington show weekdays from noon to 3pm. She’s already one of the most unique voices in radio- hip, fearless and funny- leading the way for a new era in broadcasting.

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