Tom Segura, Hat Comedian, Closes Out JFL42 on a Very High Note

At one of the closing shows for the 2017 JFL42 Comedy Festival, Tom Segura lit up the Sony Centre on Saturday night. Liza Treyger– who had her own shows earlier in the week at the Rivoli and Comedy Bar’s main room– opened for Segura and let me tell you, she had no problem working a crowd of that size. Treyger really bonded with the audience when she revealed that at the tender at of 19 she came to Toronto and got fingered at a Bedouin Soundclash concert. That instantly won the crowd over. After recently embarking on her first relationship with a woman, Liza also admitted to buying books on “pussy eating” then asked if any of the guys in the crowd had one, and not one of us did. Liza did a great job of warming the crowd up because when Tom Segura came out, the energy in the building was palpable.

Tom immediately shouted “Bikes!” The crowd went nuts shouting back their favorite bits, and Tom just let them get it all out of their system. It’s an unusual move and yet, I have to admit it was a pretty effective way to get overly zealous fans to get some weird energy out. Segura talked about preferring to be home always, and being ready to embrace a future where you will never need to leave your own house. He called Bert Kreischer the fattest guy on Earth and said that at the end of the day, he is just a better person than Bert. We love when comics go local, so one of the best moments in the show came when he blamed Canada for the state of affairs in America right now. His theory is that Americans elected Trump because Canadians think Americans are stupid, and America was like,”we’ll show you stupid, then elected Trump.” He also covered Toronto’s relaxed weed laws.

There was nothing cautious or PC about Tom’s set- there was no topic off limits; he had a bit about which disabilities are still funny and talked about his disappointment with not being able use certain words anymore, but he’s also found a way to identify what he calls super-racists.

Tom is known for his amazing storytelling and he had plenty of new stories. One of his most famous stories now is about meeting Mike Tyson on a plane. Apparently, air travel is a great source of material for Segura because he had a new story about meeting an actual psycho on a plane.

Before he walked off stage, Tom got a well-deserved thunderous standing ovation from the crowd and easily gave one of the best performances of the festival.

Earlier in the day, Segura sat down with Richard Krauss at Toronto’s Second City Theater for an hour “In Conversation.” Sporting a brand new hat, Tom started off the conversation explaining that he is America’s premiere hat comic- a bit that started last week when his wife Christina Pazsitzky hated the hat he bought, so he bought a bunch more. Discussing social media, Tom revealed that he refuses to use Snapchat or Instastories because they are too much work, and there was an awkwardly fun moment when Tom praised pre-rape Cosby as an influence before realizing that even pre-rape Cosby was probably raping. There were also some great stories including his first stand up performance and a story about a now-famous Winnipeg show where he bombed, and bombed big. And Tom talked about friends like Joe Rogan who has been a huge influence in podcasting, Bert Kreischer, of course, and he talked about his plans for Sober October.

Other highlights included some advice for young comedians– Segura recommended physically writing down your material, so you can see the best way to arrange the words.  One of the coolest moments of the hour came during the audience Q&A. He was asked a question by a stuttering aspiring comic. The kid asking him what was his advice for getting started in comedy, and even though the audience seemed a little rattled by the tough time the kid had asking the question, Tom wasn’t even slightly phased. Tom told him that you need to play all the time, dedicate your time, get any mic you can, and spend more time writing; basically, just do a lot. It was a great hour of conversation, followed later that night by one of the best shows of the entire festival. Tom Segura deserves JFL42 MVP!

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