Liza Treyger Had Them Standing in the Aisles at JFL42 Tuesday Night

Liza Treyger is one of JFL42’s famed 42 and Tuesday night she started her festival run at The Rivoli. Canadian comedian Courtney Gilmour, who just won 2017’s Just for Laughs Homegrown competition opened the show, and it was instantly clear why she won– she’s so funny. She made light of her birth defects that left her with one leg, and short arms, and told the audience she desperately wants a robot leg. And she has a story about performing at a nude resort- where things got really weird and this is an experience that no other comedian- or performer of any kind- has ever had.

Liza packed the house– and I mean really packed. Many people including myself stood for the show. It didn’t matter, she had me, and everyone else laughing too hard to notice we were standing. Treyger admits she gets too high and spends way too much time thinking about 90s boy bands. She also had a very interesting take on the whole Kevin Hart scenario and there’s something about her set that reminded me a bit of Patrice O’Neal’s logic, but applied to a woman’s point of view. Treyger went on a hilarious rant about hot girls and why they absolutely need to grow a personality.

Oh and for anyone who hasn’t seen Treyger perform lately, did you know she’s in love? She’s talking about her new relationship on stage as well as a very important gender issue that she says needs to be addressed– Orgasm Inequality.

Treyger has three more shows at JFL42 including two shows at Comedy Bar in the main room, and another show at the Rivoli. Go to JFL42 for tickets and more info.

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