Colin Quinn Takes on the Assholes of the World as “One in Every Crowd” Thrills Audiences in Toronto

Colin Quinn is beloved– BELOVED– in Toronto. Don’t believe me? All you had to do was look at the line of people waiting to get in to see his show at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre at JFL42 this week.

Colin walked out on stage to Neil Young, he said he was hoping to “appease the crowd” and immediately went off on how Torontonians aren’t warm welcomers. Yeah, as a local, I agree, he made a few good points. He told us that Canada is the border that needs the wall and explained what is about to happen South of the Border- and it isn’t pretty. It involves donuts and mullets and NASCAR, and micro-aggression and it was flat out hilarious.

Canada and America, he said, are like brothers…unfortunately those brothers are Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez. As always Quinn went way beyond being funny- he’s so damn smart. It wasn’t all about the current administration in America. But talking Trump was the perfect intro for the theme of the rest of the show– “assholes.” The title of Colin’s tour is “One in Every Crowd”. It’s not exactly a one-man show in the way that his last three shows were, but there is a theme running through the show, and it’s a great one. Colin is basically telling the history of a very specific type of person- assholes.  The “one in every crowd.” And you need to come see the show so that you can learn how to identify that toxic asshole in every social group you inhabit.

I nearly cried laughing as he described that person who never shuts the fuck up in the audience of every show, because I had one of those types literally sitting right behind me. The best thing about Colin calling out the show-talking type is that it worked! She finally shut up! Thank you Colin! You solved that problem for at least a few of us, at least for one night.

Quinn went on to talk about assholes throughout history and the show is hilarious. Quinn continues to be at the top of his game. He was spot on about everything (minus a small and forgivable belief that there aren’t any tribal societies left in modern day living– my Native background argues otherwise), and he was so funny, it was sensory overload throughout his entire set.

He left us with this note, America has problems, but it’s still the greatest. Coming from Colin, the Canadian crowd was just fine with that.

Earlier that day, CQ sat down with Luke Gordon Field, editor of at Toronto’s famed Second City Theater for an hour “In Conversation.” Quinn talked about SNL, and Tough Crowd, he shared stories about Greg Giraldo and Patrice, and he said he believes he peaked comedically at age 13. We also learned that Toronto is the new New York City, and that running Tough Crowd was a lot like lion taming. Quinn also gave some of the best advice about how to be edgy in a P.C. world, and that’s by being authentic, not by going for shock laughs. Simply brilliant.

Go see Colin Quinn’s new “One in Every Crowd” Tour. Go to for dates.

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