December 19, 2017

The Ten Best Comedy Specials of 2017! Vote for Your Favorite

Our celebration of EVERYTHING funny in 2017 continues with the 10 best stand up comedy specials released this year. This year, the number of comedy specials […]
September 29, 2017

Check Out the Trailer for Christina Pazsitzky’s Netflix Special “Mother Inferior”

Comedian Christina Pazsitzky, a.k.a. The Main Mommy or The Water Champ, has her first Netflix special coming to the platform on October 10th. Called Christina P: […]
June 10, 2016

New Comedy Doc ‘Can We Take a Joke?’ Trailer Released This Week

Ted Balaker’s 2015 comedy documentary Can We Take a Joke? was picked up for distribution by Samuel Goldwyn Films on April 1st. At the time, Balaker was gearing up to tour the film around a few college campuses, but it was unknown when the film would see any wider distribution. That information became available this week, along with a fresh new trailer for the film.
January 7, 2016

Tom Segura’s New Special Shares a Year Of His Life and It’s a Blast

Tom Segura already had a healthy and very loyal following before his first Netflix special Completely Normal was released in 2014. He’d amassed these ardent fans thanks to his first two albums, Thrilled and White Girls With Cornrows, his much loved appearances on The Joe Rogan Experience and The Crabfeast, and his wildly popular podcast Your Mom’s House with fellow comedian and wife Christina Pazsitzky. But Completely Normal brought Tom’s Q score to a whole new level, and his new special Mostly Stories, which premieres on January 8, is poised to build on that success.
December 25, 2014

The Comedians Call It: 22 Great Comics Tell Us Who Will Be the Next Big Thing

For a week we've been talking about who was great, who excelled and who out performed everyone in 2014. But 2014 is sooooooo 2014. What really matters is who is going to kill it, crush it, wrap it up and take it home in a nylon sack in 2015. We wanted to know who is going to be the big ticket next year and so we went to the people who know best- their closest friends and competitors, other stand up comics.
November 1, 2014

The Best Stand Up Halloween Costumes: 20 People Who Dressed as Comedians: Atell, Friedlander, Kinison and More

You thought Halloween had become lost forever to the sexy cop, the sexy boxer and the sexy mailperson. No, there's still creativity out there, you just have to look for it. We found 20 people who decided that the scariest thing they could be this year-- was a stand up comedian.
August 23, 2014

Sydney Castillo Wins Funniest Wins

Fresh off his win on TBS's Comedy Competition Funniest Wins, Sydney Castillo has big plans for his $100,000 cash prize, and his shot at a digital series on Marlon Wayan's digital short website, What the Funny. We got to talk with Sydney about his season with Funniest Wins, and what his plans are now that he's won.
August 17, 2014

Sydney Castillo Wins Funniest Wins

Sydney Castillo outlasted 9 other comedians win TBS' "Funniest Wins" reality show.
July 11, 2014

Christina Pazsitzky Talks About Reality Strategy on ‘Funniest Wins’

We caught up with comedian Christina Pazsitzsky who is competing on Funniest Wins and asked her a few questions about the brand new show.
July 3, 2014

TBS’s Funniest Wins: The Vine Competition

Funniest Wins, the new comedy competition show hosted by Marlon Wayans on TBS put its comedian contestants through a social media challenge.
June 24, 2014

Funniest Wins: Marlon Wayans Hosts TBS Comedy Competition

Its been said that a true comedian can make you laugh, anywhere, anytime, regardless of the situation. Now, Marlon Wayans and TBS have teamed up to see if that's true.
April 13, 2014

The Podcast You Absolutely Have To Listen To: Your Mom’s House

"The Podcast You Absolutely Have To Listen To" is a new series where we talk about the best podcasts on the internet. This week, "Your Mom’s House Podcast" with Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky.