Christina Pazsitzky Talks About Reality Strategy on ‘Funniest Wins’



If you’re not watching Funniest Wins, you’re missing out on the lighter,  funner side of tv comedian competition. Hosted by comedian Marlon Wayans, Funniest Wins puts comedians in odd situations where they have to be funny or go home.   There’s still someone eliminated at the end of every episode, but somehow it doesn’t feel insulting– it’s just part of the game.

You have to be funny in all kinds of ways to win Funniest Wins. The comedians compete in Vine contests, creating digital shorts, doing stand up in strange places, and combining to do sketches. Two of the ten comedians have already been eliminated and seven comics — including Jason Nash, Billy Sorrells, Manon Matthews and others– remain.  Week three airs tonight, July 11 at 10pm on TBS.  Watch tonight and every week to see who wins and who is out.

Christina Pazsitzsky is competing on Funniest Wins, and already making waves. In the first two episodes she won a stand up competition, and was on the bubble for two contests, but she’s survived both possible eliminations.   Christina is no stranger to reality competitions, she was on MTV Road Rules, so she knows how to play the game.  She’s also  one half of one of the highest rated comedy podcasts on iTunes, Your Mom’s House, a writer and a regular on Chelsea Lately, and a headlining act who performs stand up around the world.  We caught up with Christina and asked her a few questions about her strategy on Funniest Wins.

The IBang:  You made quite an impression right off the bat, when one of  the first lines of the show was you asking Marlon Wayans if you had to be black to win.  You set the tone right away.

Christina Pazsitzky:  First of all, I didn’t think they would air me asking if I had to be black to win the contest.  Which is why I actually said to the other contestants, wouldn’t it be super funny if I asked Marlon Wayans if I had to be black to win?  And they’re like ‘oh my God do it;, and I’m like, ‘they’ll never air this.’ And of course its the line that people have been Vining. But I’m so thrilled that they aired it. That’s just a sign that the show is actually really, in my opinion going to be awesome, because they’re not pulling punches.

The IBang:   Has your experience being on reality shows in the past helped you in the competition?

Christina Pazsitzky:  Oh yeah, definitely. I know this ain’t my first reality rodeo. I know they need a blonde girl, they need a crier, they need an angry black dude. Come on, I was on Road Rules. We wrote the blueprints for reality television.

The IBang:  You have challenges on the show where you are paired up with other people you haven’t worked with before. What’s that like to have to do that?

Christina Pazsitzky:  It’s the worst! I’m not good at working in teams with people I don’t know. I’m a lone wolf. That’s why I do stand up cause I don’t have to answer to anybody. It’s hard cause the time crunch is real. When they show us having no time to do these challenges, that’s not BS reality show. That’s real. We only have a day to write a sketch and perform it, and to do it with people when you don’t even know their sensibility. Dude, I don’t even know what they were funny, how they were funny. It’s like impossible. It really was tough. And plus we’re all comedians with our various personality disorders and emotional problems and it’s just a nightmare.

The IBang:  Who is the one to beat in Funniest Wins?

Christina Pazsitzky:  Yeah, I mean, look. The toughest person to compete with is always yourself. Its you versus your own ego, you versus your own bullshit. But players-wise, I think that Mannon is really talented, and you wouldn’t– I don’t think people know that straight off the bat, but she’s really good. So I’m looking at Mannon. She’s so funny, she’s so good at characters. It doesn’t have to be a stand-up who wins, it’s Funniest Wins.

The IBang:  What’s been the scariest of the challenges?

Christina Pazsitzky:  I have no patience for editing. I hate editing, I hate sketches, Uchhhhh. I have no patience. The toughest for me is characters. Being a stand up is the opposite. Being a stand up is about being true to your voice. And a character is not something I do well. Actually this week’s episode we do character challenges, and you’ll just see how Christina does with characters. Cause I feel like it’s so fake, you know? I feel like i’ve tried to be myself for twelve years, and now they’re like, be somebody else.

The IBang:  How do you feel about doing Vines?

I think stand up comics- at least my friends- we all think Viners are just weenies.

Christina Pazsitzky: I did them before the show, and I think stand up comics– at least my friends– we all think Viners are just weenies. We’re like what is this crap? You can just do this? You don’t have to go out to a club? You don’t have to humiliate yourself? I think comics get upset about Viners because its like, what there’s no humiliation? There’s no pre show diarrhea? Like, screw you, comedy is supposed to be hard, why isn’t it hard for this generation? It makes us mad, cause they don’t suffer enough. Suffer asshole, that’s how you get funny.

The IBang:  What do you see as the difference between Funniest Wins and Last Comic Standing?

Christina Pazsitzky:  I think what Marlon really wanted to do– is a really ambitious and really fresh way of doing comedy. They’re integrating this new school comedy, which are the kids who don’t have to suffer through open mics to make a living as a funny person, and does that stand up against old school hit the bricks. Now that show feels so– I don’t want to say outdated, but it feels a little stilted, like it’s just a one-lane thing.  Marlon, I think his intent is to help people get funnier and I think that comes from his ethic, the Wayans’, they’re not antagonistic people. And us as comics too, we set the tone of I’m not going to right with you on this. We’re kind of comrades in it. We all respect each other.


You can watch Funniest Wins every Friday on TBS at 10pm et.  Follow Christina on twitter @ChristinaP, and hear her weekly on the podcast she does with her husband Tom Segura, “Your Mom’s House“.


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